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Ana Vilegas-Mendez

Researcher, University of Manchester

I am a researcher at University of Manchester. I spent years working on Protein Biochemistry before I got involved in a project using virus-like particles. The immense potential of these structures for vaccine development made me want to learn more about the Immune System.

My current research focuses on understanding the complex host immune responses elicited by the malaria parasite at the molecular and immunological level, in particular the role of effector and memory T cell immune responses during malaria infection. I am also interested in developing new vaccines using modified virus-like particles to improve long-term memory T cell responses.

I was really happy to join the vaccine ambassador scheme launched by the BSI. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the wider community, and provide independent, research-based information about vaccines and how the immune system works. This initiative will undoubtedly help people make informed decisions about vaccination and I highly encourage anyone to join this exciting project. Thank you to all the organisers for making this venture such an interactive, formative and creative activity!. 


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