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Meike Heurich-Sevenco

Lecturer, Cardiff University

I am a biochemist by training and in a roundabout way, I ended up in immunology research. I have a particular passion for innate immunity and the complement system, which is a blood protein cascade that is your body’s first line of defence against infection. I now focus my research on the cross-talk between the two innate defence systems against infection and bleeding: complement and coagulation. Dysregulation of these systems have been associated with many diseases. We believe that understanding these cross-talk mechanisms in health and disease is crucial to finding therapeutic targets.

In terms of vaccine immunology, understanding of the immune system is crucial to develop vaccines, and immensely helpful when it comes to receiving vaccines for yourself and your children.

I am a strong supporter of vaccination, being a mum myself. Vaccination is a child’s first line of defence against the more severe and dangerous diseases.  As an immunologist, I want to engage with people to promote understanding of the immune system and how vaccinations work to protect us.

Being a vaccine ambassador for the BSI, I have had great experiences meeting with parents, talking about the immune system, vaccines, and the vaccination schedule. We provide an unbiased and independent information source, without telling you what to do, but to promote better understanding of the science behind vaccinations.


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