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Immunology-related activities and resources

The BSI has a selection of public engagement activities that you can download from our website or contact us to order.  These provide background information on immunology as well as some practical activities for you to run yourself.  Please click on the links below to find out more.

Immunology activities


Vaccines and herd immunity activities - Ideas for public engagement activities surrounding vaccines and herd immunity. Includes hands-on activities and educational materials.

COVID-19 immunology and vaccines - Variety of activities, infographics, animations, Q&A videos and much more, suitable for all ages. 

Cancer immunotherapy - Interactive activities about the immunology of cancer and immunotherapy, suitable for ages 6+.

Origami antibody & virus - Have fun testing your creative skills while finding out more about how antibodies and viruses interact with our immune systems!

Super Cells and Super Cells II - Educational cartoon videos describing the roles of different immune cells and how these cause - and dampen down - inflammation.

The Secret Life of Snot - Snot, what's it all about?  Resources on what snot is, why we make it and what it can tell you about your a recipe to make your own snot at home!

Malaria - A series of resources for schools focusing on the science of malaria.

Allergy and Asthma - Our educational resource looking into Asthma. We have a range of ideas for activities surrounding allergy and asthma, and explain what asthma is, the link between allergies and asthma as well as what happens in an asthma attack. 

Information on immunology

Cat and person

BiteSized Immunology – Our online guide to the immune system. The content is especially suitable for biomedical undergraduates but should also appeal to advanced schools students  and others coming to the field of immunology for the first time.

Immunology Infographics – Our collection infographics on a range of immunology topics. Vaccines, autoimmunity, malaria and more!

Educational illustrations from the book Infectious – Infectious: Pathogens and How We Fight Them is a book written by BSI member, Dr John Tregoning. The book features a number of educational illustrations under a Creative Commons license, so they're free for everyone to use for their science communication needs!

Your Amazing Immune System – This online book provides comprehensive information on how the immune system works and is a valuable tool for both school and home education. While the content supports both the GCSE and A-level Biology curriculum, its pictorial nature makes it accessible to children of all ages. 

Immune Encounters story book- an illustrated story for children written by BSI members, Dr Claire Pearson and Dr Sarah McCuaig. The book tells the story of two bacteria breaking through the skin barrier and the unexpected company they encounter in the immune system. The book is free to download and share.

Podcasts & Music – We have a number of podcasts on different topics of immunology and also a collection of immunology inspired songs on our SoundCloud account that are available to download.

Videos – In December 2015 we published a series of short videos on different aspects of the immune system including asthma, cancer immunotherapy, immunodeficiency, parasites and more. These videos can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded from Vimeo

Respiratory viruses and immunology – a short interview with former BSI President, Professor Peter Openshaw, about his work on how the immune system defends against respiratory viruses. This video was made by the Infectious Diseases Hub.