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Big Bang Fair South East 2015

On a gloriously sunny morning, myself and Jennie Evans met at the South of England Show Ground, near Brighton for the Big Bang Fair South East. An event that saw over 7000 school children take part in a range of hands-on demo, science shows and competitions, with the aim of inspiring them to study science.

As a venue for a science event the showground is rather unusual, with stands and shows taking place in cowsheds and show rings rather than halls and theatres. It was a very outdoor event and for once the weather was supportive. So rather than sheltering under marquees shivering in wellies, the norm in my experience, we were putting on suncream!

Exhibits and participants at Big Bang South East 2015

We were running our ‘Allergy Busters’ stand, exploring the world of allergies and asthma. Our giant nose was as popular as ever, filled with dust mites and white blood cells (well at least at the beginning of the day). The peak flow lung function tests brought an element of competition to the stand and despite some over exaggerated heights our graph of peak flow versus height showed the expected positive correlation. The peak flow meters were very familiar to asthma sufferers who were able to use their knowledge to explain to their peers what they were and how to use them. To finish we had pollen slides on our microscope and our allergy mood board encouraging visitors to talk about their own allergies and how they make them feel.

We are very grateful to our volunteers Dannielle WellingtonLyndsy Ambler and Gudrun Weiss for their hard work on the day.

The Big Bang Fair South East is one of a number of regional Big Bang Fair events that take place throughout the year. These one day events provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with school children in your area. To find your nearest event visit the Big Bang Fair Near Me website: 

Hannah Hope
Education, Careers & Public Engagement Manager,BSI