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A guide to vaccinations for adults over 65

A guide to vaccinations for adults over 65

At the British Society for Immunology, we aim to provide reliable, evidence-based information on vaccinations to everyone.

We know that the public may have specific questions regarding vaccines for older adults and that’s why we have created a free, easy to read guide to vaccinations for adults over 65.

The guide explains how vaccines work, answers common questions about vaccinations as well as providing up-to-date information on the vaccines available for adults over 65 in the UK.

This guide was updated in September 2023 and is accurate at the time of publishing. Information will be updated as it becomes available. It was created in collaboration with the CARINA network and sponsored by the UK SPINE Knowledge Exchange Network.

The full reference list for the guide can be found here.

Download, print and share our poster to direct people to our guide! The poster has the website link and QR code, suitable to be displayed at GP surgeries, pharmacies and places where people will be receiving their vaccinations. 

This guide has been produced by the British Society for Immunology in collaboration with the CARINA Network and is sponsored by the UK SPINE Knowledge Exchange network.


The CARINA Network is a collaborative network for researchers working on the immune system throughout the life course. The CARINA Network is funded by the Medical Research Council and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council through the collaborative ‘Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course’ initiative. 


The UK SPINE Knowledge Exchange network aims to improve healthspan (healthy life-years) for patients with multiple age-related conditions by accelerating the discovery, development and testing of new drugs, better understanding the underlying biology which drives these conditions, and working with patients and the public to consider the regulatory needs for such treatment.