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BSI Regional & Affinity Groups at Congress 2019

Our Regional & Affinity Groups are integral to the Society’s activities and they provide the perfect way for you to get more involved and make the most out of your BSI membership. Our Groups have been closely involved in organising some of the parallel sessions at BSI Congress 2019 and they are very much looking forward to seeing you there. There will be a great number of exciting sessions for you to join and plenty of opportunities to network and explore which groups are the best fit for you. You can visit the Congress website for more details.

Tuesday 3 December

Immune surveillance and lymphoid tissue architecture
BSI Comparative and Veterinary Immunology Group
The Group says… “It is important to compare findings across species to tease out the common features of immune surveillance. We will bring together human, mouse and veterinary immunologists in this parallel session to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and to establish collaboration.”

Immunotherapy in autoimmunity: finding the perfect reset button
11:00–12:45; 14:15–16:00
BSI Bristol Immunology Group

Mutated and non-mutated proteins and cellular regulation in cancer immunity
11:00–12:45; 14:15– 16:00
BSI South Wales Immunology Group

B cell activation and differentiation
BSI London and West Midlands Immunology Groups
The Groups say… “B cell research provides wide-ranging opportunities for improving human health. Recent advances are defining the factors that regulate the initiation of B cell activation, the dynamic processes at play in the germinal centre response and the mechanisms involved in establishing B cell memory. This session aims to provide a snapshot of the exciting and innovative research that is driving our understanding of B cell biology forward and impacting on diverse areas of human health.”

Stromal-immune cell crosstalk
BSI London Immunology Group

Wednesday 4 December

Immunotherapy and neurological disease
BSI Wessex Immunology Group

New developments in neuroimmunology
BSI Neuroimmunology Group
The Group says… “Diseases in which the immune system interacts with the brain have a wide phenotypic spectrum and diverse underlying immunobiologies. The clinical phenotypes associated with neuroimmunological conditions continue to expand, and the field has a clear therapeutic impact on patients. Exciting opportunities remain to better appreciate the underlying immunological disease mechanisms and aetiologies, and better focus our targeted treatments for this spectrum of disorders.”

Common themes in cancer and inflammatory disease
BSI West of Scotland Immunology Group

Inhibitory immune receptors and new immunotherapies
BSI Greater Manchester Immunology Group

Meet the BSI Regional and Affinity Groups
Our Groups play a huge role bringing together immunologists within a local community or a particular area of immunology. This is an excellent opportunity to link up to your relevant Group and find out how you can get involved.

Thursday 5 December

Pattern recognition in inflammation: from mechanisms to therapy
BSI Inflammation Affinity Group
The Group says… “We have some very exciting talks lined up covering inflammasome biology. Drugs targeting NLRP3 inflammasome signalling are already in clinical trials, so we are sure this will stimulate discussion on the therapeutic potential of innate immune receptors.”

Emerging functions of non-classical lymphocytes
11:00–12:45; 14:15–16:00
BSI Greater Manchester Immunology Group

Immune cell metabolic pathways as targets in disease 
11:00–12:45; 14:15–16:00
BSI Immunometabolism Affinity Group
The Group says… “In this dedicated, double-length parallel session we hope to bring you some exciting new science from PhD students, postdocs, junior PIs and professors working on immunometabolism. We aim to address to what extent dysfunctional immune cell metabolism is a contributory factor of human disease and whether it can be targeted to yield new therapies.”

Autoimmunity: natural and man-made
BSI Autoimmunity Affinity Group

Leukocyte trafficking during infection, inflammation and cancer 
BSI Leukocyte Migration Group
The Group says… “Leukocyte migration influences every aspect of immunology from immune homeostasis and adaptive immunity, to inflammation and disease. This session will provide an opportunity to compare and contrast this important aspect of the immune response during cancer and infection.”