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New BSI committee members

We are pleased to announce the following appointments to the BSI Board of Trustees, Secretaries and Forum. The turnout for these elections was over 21% of the BSI membership, with most posts contested by more than one candidate.

We would also like to announce new Congress Committee members appointed by Congress Secretary Professor Gary Entrican and our CEO Dr Doug Brown. Our thanks to all other BSI members who stood for election.

Board of Trustees

  • Professor Matthias Eberl (Cardiff University)​ - reelected as BSI General Trustee, commencing January 2021


  • Dr Donald Palmer (University of London) - BSI Education & Careers Secretary, commencing Summer 2020
  • Professor Mark Travis (University of Manchester) - BSI Groups Secretary, commencing January 2021
BSI Board elected candidates 2020
Matthias Eberl, Donald Palmer, Mark Travis

Forum - all posts commencing Summer 2020

  • Dr Louise Topping (University of Oxford) - BSI Forum Early Careers Representative​
  • Dr Tomaz Garcez (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) - BSI Forum Clinical Representative
  • Dr Karim Dib (Queen's University Belfast) - BSI Forum Northern Ireland Representative
  • Niamh Richmond (University of Oxford) - BSI Forum PhD Representative
  • Lauren Campbell (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) - BSI Forum PhD Representative
BSI Forum elected candidates 2020
Louise Topping, Tomaz Garcez, Karim Dib, Niamh Richmond, Lauren Campbell

Find out more about the successful candidates and how they plan to represent your interests by reading their full statements in the members' area of our website (you will need to log in to access this webpage).

Congress Committee

Finally, we would like to announce new Congress Committee members recently appointed by Congress Secretary Dr Gary Entrican and BSI CEO Dr Doug Brown:

  • Dr Sandra Sacre (University of Sussex)
  • Professor Graham Cook (University of Leeds)
  • Dr Margarita Dominguez-Villar (Imperial College London)
  • Dr James Harker (Imperial College London)
BSI Congress Committee elected candidates 2020
Sandra Sacre, Graham Cook, Margarita Dominguez-Villar, James Harker

The British Society for Immunology is here to represent all immunologists working in science, healthcare, and industry. Our committees are vital in leading our work, making numerous decisions about how the Society is run, what activities we focus on, and what support we provide to members. We look forward to working with all our new committee members in the coming months to forward the Society’s mission to promote excellence in immunology research, scholarship and clinical practice to improve human and animal health.

Learn more about BSI governance roles and bodies in the governance section of our website.