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Immunology news - March 2016

Immunology News March 2016 cover

T cells enter the battle against cancer, hedgehog signalling in T cells, a whistle stop tour of clinical immunology and more in the March edition of Immunology News. 

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Cancer cell and lymphocyte

Awakening the force: T cells enter the battle against cancer

The immune system has evolved to recognise and eliminate cells that are infected with viral or bacterial pathogens or abnormal such as cancer cells. Accumulating evidence suggests that the immune response, in particular T cells, plays an important role in the clearance of cancers.

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Ciliated IMCD3 Cells

Hedgehog signalling in T cells

Hedgehog (Hh) is a fascinating signalling pathway that has baffled researchers up to this day. Hh was discovered by Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric Wieschaus in a genetic screen carried out in Drosophila melanogaster1 and named based on the appearance of the mutant larvae which had denticle ‘spikes’ arranged on its back, reminiscent of a hedgehog.

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Mass media graphic

Immunology and the Media: getting it right

Immunology is one of the most written about and discussed topcis in all of health science, and for that, we should be grateful, writes BSI Media Manager Jennie Evans. 

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Sofia Grigoriadou

Clinical immunology: a whistle stop tour

In the first of a new series of articles for this magazine, BSI Clinical Secretary Sofia Grigoriadou sets out the initial steps for communicating the clinical aspects of immunology to the wider membership of the Society.

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Desk and computer

Planning to succeed in your career

Jane Sugars of research careers service Vitae discusses how you can apply the same approach to developing your own career as you do to your research. 

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Experimental Design Assistant

Improving the design of animal experiments: the Experimental Design Assistant

Nathalie Percie du Sert discusses an exciting new tool designed to improve the design of animal experiments. 

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The Molecular Immunology Group committee

Molecular Immunology Group: a new beginning

‘Cross-talk’ between chemists and immunologists has the potential to revolutionise the molecular understanding of the immune system, writes Leanne Minall.

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Neurons being attached by viruses

Neurommunology Group: historical links to an exciting future

Although the brain is considered an immune-privileged organ, there is a clear interaction between the immune system and the function of the nervous system in many disorders of the peripheral and central nervous systems. In this context, neuroimmunology can be considered to encompass studies of diseases of the nervous system as well as the interaction between the neuro- and immune systems.

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