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Immunology News - May 2016

Immunology News May 2016 Cover

This edition of Immunology News features CD4 T cells, the launch of RCP accreditation schemes and the #BritainBreathing citizen science app. 

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T Lymphocyte

CD4 T cells: conductors or communicators?

Megan MacLeod discusses how the image of the driven, decisive CD4 T cell with a master plan is now far from our current understanding of how adaptive immune responses are initiated, shaped and resolved.

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Male scientist with microscope

RCP accreditation schemes launched

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) runs a number of accreditation schemes in various disciplines, and has recently launched the Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS) and Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services (QPIDS) schemes, which accredit allergy and primary immunodeficiency services, respectively.

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Britain Breathing logo

Britain Breathing: decoding the science behind the allergies

How a new citizen science project is investigating the effects that seasonal allergies are having on the people of Britain.

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Christina Ross

The role of a biomedical sceintist in immunology

Christina Ross gives an insight into the professional life of a biomedical scientists working in immunology. 

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Interaction between microbes and cell bodies

Infection and Immunity Group: tackling global pathogens

The BSI Infection and Immunity Affinity Group (IIAG) aims to highlight research in the area of immune responses to infectious diseases.

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Autoimmune hepatitis

Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Group: the science underpinning successful transplantation

Solid organ and haematopoietic progenitor cell (bone marrow) transplantation has saved or transformed thousands of lives over the past 50 years. Developing an understanding of the complex genetic systems and immunological responses involved in ensuring safe and successful transplantation has been crucial.

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