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BiteSized Immunology: your gateway to immunology

Following the launch of our new website in December, we also migrated our updated BiteSized Immunology resource to sit within our main website.

BiteSized Immunology is our online resource that provides an extensive guide to immunological topics. We hope that articles deliver a digestible yet detailed account of each subject, aimed at undergraduate bioscience students, advanced secondary school pupils or those wishing to refresh their knowledge on a specific topic. We are very fortunate that researchers from across the scientific community work with us to write these articles, providing knowledge and expertise in their chosen subject. Through continual maintenance and improvement of the site, we hope to maintain BiteSized Immunology as the ‘go to’ resource for individuals wanting to gain knowledge and understanding of key immunology topics.

Along with our new website, we have decided to review and refresh the BiteSized Immunology articles to ensure the content is accurate, current and relevant to work being carried out in the field. To assist with this, we have assembled an editorial board to review and update the content. The board includes PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from around the UK, who’ve given up their time to review these pages. With the combined knowledge of the board, we have expertise in a range of different subject areas spanning the field of immunology. All members share a passion for education and science communication and have been integral to the process of maintaining the resource and further developing its content.

Each board member has been allocated a section of our BiteSized content to review and oversee the addition of new articles. The project is being supervised by BSI Education Secretary, Helen Collins, who explains:

“BiteSized Immunology is an online resource which provides a comprehensive overview of the immune system, delivered in short self-contained articles, which highlight the major ‘take home’ messages. These articles are designed for use by bioscience undergraduates, A-level students and anyone who is encountering immunology for the first time.”

The site is consistently amongst the BSI’s most popular resources, with users from across the world accessing the pages. Since launching the new BSI website and affiliating BiteSized to it, we have seen a large increase in overall traffic, with BiteSized Immunology pages being viewed more than 22,000 times in March 2017. Users from 132 different countries accessed the resources during this time, the top five being:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. Canada

This truly is a global immunology resource, and thus we want to maintain its quality and relevance to students and aspiring immunologists. We can only do this with the help and support of our members. It’s through your expertise and knowledge that we can offer information on such a broad range of immunology topics. We hope to cover topics included on syllabuses at schools, colleges and universities that will support the teaching and development of immunology to the greatest number of people possible.

To give you an idea of the content currently covered on BiteSized Immunology, our 10 most popular articles from March are:

  1. Antigen processing and presentation
  2. Complement system
  3. Pattern recognition receptors
  4. CD8+ T cells
  5. Human immunodeficiency virus
  6. Natural killer cells
  7. CD4+ T cells
  8. B cells
  9. Mast cells 
  10. Tuberculosis

If you would be interested in writing a piece for BiteSized Immunology, please get in touch. We’re always grateful for the assistance from our members to produce fresh, eye-catching content that informs and educates. Please contact me at if you wish to contribute to the pages, stating which topic you would like to write a piece on. I will then put you in touch with the corresponding editorial board member who can help you produce your article.

Glyn Jones

Education & Career Officer, British Society for Immunology

Please make sure you update any bookmarks from BiteSized Immunology that you provide to your students to our new website address: