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BSI Regional and Affinity Groups at Congress 2021

Our Regional & Affinity Groups have been closely involved in organising some of the parallel sessions at BSI Congress 2021 and they are very much looking forward to seeing you there.

You can meet representatives from our Groups at Congress on Tuesday 30 November at 18:00 GMT. Come along to the BSI stand, link up to your relevant group and find out how you can get involved. Visit the Congress website for more details.

Monday 29 November

BSI London Immunology Group  Immune development and function from foetal to neonatal life

Chairs: James Harker and Naomi McGovern

Invited speakers:

  • Petter Brodin, Karolinska Institutet
  • Florent Ginhoux, A*STAR
  • Frits Koning, Leiden University
  • Sejal Saglani, Imperial College London


BSI Tumour Immunology Affinity Group and BSI Edinburgh Immunology Group  Unique immunological landscape of the tumour microenvironment

Chairs: Yi Feng, Awen Gallimore and Alan Serrels

Invited speakers:

  • Seth Coffelt, University of Glasgow
  • Catherine Fridman, Paris Descartes University
  • Gareth Jones, University of Bristol
  • Jeffrey Pollard, University of Edinburgh


BSI Greater Manchester Immunology Group and BSI Ulster Immunology Group  Regenerative inflammation and tissue repair

Chairs: Yvonne Dombrowski and Kimberly Mace

Invited speakers:

  • Paul Martin, University of Bristol
  • Veronique Miron, University of Edinburgh

Tuesday 30 November

BSI Tumour Immunology Affinity Group & National Cancer Research Institute – Advances in cancer immunology: bringing two communities together

Chairs: Richard Buchanan and Sarah Dimeloe

Invited speakers:

  • Tim Elliott, University of Oxford
  • Sophie Papa, King's College London


BSI Greater Manchester Immunology Group  Emerging functions of the Innate Lymphoid Cell (ILC) family

Chairs: Matthew Hepworth and David Withers

Invited speakers:

  • Tim Halim, University of Cambridge
  • Kazuyo Moro, RIKEN


BSI Wessex Immunology Group  Ocular immunology

Chairs: Adnan Khan and Jessica Teeling

Invited speakers:

  • Virginia Calder, University College London
  • Colin Chu, University of Bristol


BSI Edinburgh Immunology Group  The influence of sex hormones and chromosomes on inflammation and immunity

Chairs: Douglas Gibson and Stephen Jenkins

Invited speakers:

  • Jean-Charles Guéry, INSERM
  • Sabra Klein, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


BSI Yorkshire Immunology Group – Understanding immunity through the RNA lens

Chairs: Dimitris Lagos and Claudia Ribeiro de Almeida

Invited speakers:

  • Jorge Henao-Mejia, University of Pennsylvania
  • Rose Zamoyska, University of Edinburgh

Wednesday 1 December

BSI Wessex Immunology Group – Advances in the field of antigen processing and epitope discovery

Chairs: Edd James, Emily Milodowski, Emma Reeves and Linda Wooldridge

Invited speakers:

  • Chris Garcia, Stanford University
  • Edd James, University of Southampton
  • Nicola Ternette, University of Oxford
  • Linda Wooldridge, University of Bristol


BSI Edinburgh Immunology Group & BSI Greater Manchester Immunology Group – Immunology at the interface: Understanding barrier immunity

Chairs: David Donaldson and Joanne Konkel

Invited speakers:

  • Francesco Colucci, University of Cambridge
  • Tracy Hussell, University of Manchester
  • Neil Mabbott, University of Edinburgh
  • Niki Moutsopoulos, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research


BSI Neuroimmunology Affinity Group  Immunology of neurodegeneration and regeneration

Chairs: Sandra Amor and David Owen

Invited speakers:

  • Erik Boddeke, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
  • Alerie Guzman de la Fuente, Queen's University Belfast


BSI Inflammation Affinity Group  Innate inflammatory signals regulating T cell responses

Chairs: Emily Gwyer Findlay and Robert Snelgrove

Invited speakers:

  • Minsoo Kim, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Inés Pineda-Torra, UCL


BSI Inflammation Affinity Group – Immune mechanisms in cardiovascular disease

Chairs: Cecile Benezech and Pasquale Maffia

Invited speakers:

  • Claudia Monaco, University of Oxford
  • Paul Welsh, University of Glasgow


BSI Mathematical Modelling Affinity Group  Mathematical and systems immunology

Chairs: Aleksandra Kmieciak and Ben Seddon

Invited speakers:

  • Becca Asquith, Imperial College London
  • Mark Coles, University of Oxford

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