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Special collections: Immunotherapy Advances

Immunotherapy Advances is a fully Open Access journal, publishing scientifically rigorous research relating to manipulations of the immune system for the benefit of human and animal health in all disease areas. 

Immunotherapy Advances journal logoWhile typically associated with cancer treatment, immunotherapies can be relevant to a wide variety of conditions. In order to demonstrate the extent of the scope of Immunotherapy Advances we have created a series of ongoing special collections which highlight different topics within the field and aim to provide an insight into a new area. In this article, our Journals Manager, Robyn Taylor, presents these cutting-edge collections, explores the published articles and offers a preview of new ones to come.


Prof Marianne Boes

Targeting immunometabolism

Led by Regional Editor Associate Professor Marianne Boes, this collection aims to provide a comprehensive overview on metabolites and micronutrients in both hosts and pathogens and how they contribute to driving immune responses. This series includes articles focusing on the importance of iron in immunity, the impact of adipose tissue wasting on immunity in cancer patients, and the potential for targeting immunometabolic modulators for the treatment of COVID-19.

Learn more about this collection here.


Immunotherapy of allergy and asthma

Prof Menno van Zelm

This special collection is being overseen by Regional Editor Associate Professor Menno van Zelm, and aims to develop our understanding of the immunotherapeutic treatment options for asthma and allergies. This series includes a review looking at key lessons learned during the development of antigen-specific immunotherapies and how these can be applied to inform future interventions and an article investigating basophils as an emerging therapeutic target, having previously been considered redundant blood ‘mast cells’.

Learn more about this collection here.


Prof Tao Dong

Adoptive cellular therapies

Led by Regional Editor Professor Tao Dong, this series will focus on adoptive cellular therapies as a treatment option for cancer, including chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy, natural killer (NK) cell therapy and other forms of engineered T cell therapies. This collection is still welcoming submissions to join the first article in the collection looking at the evolving role of co-stimulation in (CAR) T cell therapies.



Dr Stephanie Dougan

Immune-related adverse events in cancer immunotherapy

In this collection, led by Dr Stephanie Dougan, Regional Editor for North America, we will be focusing on the immunological side effects that come from treating cancer using immunotherapeutic approaches. Already in the collection is a study, looking at the link between statin use and skeletal myopathies in immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI)-treated patients.


Upcoming collections

  • Recombinant antibody-based therapeutics. Led by Professor Stefan Barth, Regional Editor for Africa
  • T-cell targeted approaches to cancer immunotherapy. Led by Regional Editor Dr Adriana Bonomo and Professor Martin Bonamino
  • Innovative clinical trial design. Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Tim Elliott

All collections are ongoing and we would still welcome submissions. To discuss an idea for an article, please contact or the relevant Editor.


Robyn Taylor
BSI Journals Manager

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