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Immunology News - March 2020

In the first Immunology News of 2020, we are delighted to showcase the fantastic work our members are doing in an increasingly critical topic: reducing their carbon footprint in the lab. This issue also features the new aims and scope for our official journal, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, as well as updates from the team on our finances, recent policy work and our exciting ‘Celebrate Vaccines’ project highlighting the importance of vaccinations and immunology research in improving global public health.

Additionally, we bring you highlights from the hugely successful BSI Congress 2019, which took place in December and was attended by over 1,300 delegates.

Immunology News - December 2019

December's issue of Immunology News takes a look at our flagship event, highlighting all the exciting and innovative sessions you can join at Congress 2019. This new issue also features an overview of our external affairs work over the past 18 months, focussing on the childhood vaccination rate in the UK.

Additionally, we hear from Joanne Pennock, the winner of our 2019 Teaching Excellence Award and we have a round up of all recent Society news, including how you can contribute to our official journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology

Immunology News - September 2019

In the autumn issue of Immunology News, we take a particular focus on the Society’s official journals including an interview with the new Editor in Chief of Immunology, Simon Milling, and an overview of Plan S and its implications for the BSI.
You can find out about how the BSI is representing immunology at Parliamentary Links Day and with our new Public Engagement Secretary, Donald Davidson. You can also read about how we're building a network of immunology educators and what to expect and looking forward to at BSI Congress 2019.

Immunology News - June 2019

The summer edition of Immunology News features our new regular update on our policy and public affairs work, including the launch of our Parliamentary Questions Programme. It also presents the new BSI committee members and highlights recent achievements of the BSI Forum. We hear from Tomas Castro, past Bright Sparks winner, on his work on IgG-mediated inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis, and Mihil Patel, one of our Editorial Board members, on the challenges and benefits of moving from academia to industry. Additionally, we have further details on the BSI Congress taking place in Liverpool on 2–5 December, such as plenary sessions and key dates!

Immunology News - March 2019

In the first issue of Immunology News of the year, you will meet new board members and learn how you can elect representatives at this year's elections opening on 2 April. You will also find out what to look forward to in our 2019 Congress taking place in Liverpool on 2–5 December. This new issue features an interview with Martin Raff, author of one of the stand-out papers of our official journal Immunology. Additionally, it takes a look into how the media and scientists can work together to ensure evidence-based stories with the BSA media fellowship and how the BSI is representing immunology with the Connect Immune Research parliamentary event.

And much more!

Immunology News - December 2018

Our new issue of Immunology News features an interview with our President, Peter Openshaw, reflecting on his time in office as he steps down from the role in December. We also celebrate the 60th anniversary of our official journal Immunology and look at some of the highlights in its publishing record. The end of 2018 has been a busy time for the BSI and we have lots of activities to tell you about including the results of our membership survey, our first ever Parliamentary event, our collaborations with the Chinese Society for Immunology and our new Immunology Educator tool to assist networking in the higher education sector.   

Immunology News - August 2018

Our new issue of Immunology News hears from our new Comparative Veterinary Immunology Affinity Group on their plans for the future and the exciting new conferences they have planned.   We also talk to Tracey Hussell to find out more about Manchester's new Lydia Becker Institute for Immunology and Inflammation, which is opening soon.  You can also find out more about our recent projects to support our members throughout their careers and represent immunology on a wider stage, including our mentoring scheme and public engagement activities.  

Immunology News - May 2018

May's issue of Immunology News takes a look at the relationship between infectious and chronic diseases, with tour of the topic from Andrew Williams. We also hear from Leonie Taams, the Editor-in-Chief of our official journal, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, who reflects on her first year in the role.  Collaboration is at the heart of the BSI and we bring you exciting news of a new joint venture with autoimmune charities, Connect Immune Research. Additionally, we have a round up of all recent Society news - this includes a warm welcome to our incoming committee members and a fond farewell to our outgoing CEO, Jo Revill. 

Immunology News - March 2018

March's issue of Immunology News looks at the power and intricacy of our immune system with an interview with Dan Davis on his new popular science book, The Beautiful Gene. We also hear from the inaugural winner of our Immunology Teaching Excellence Award, Andrew Foey, and take a look at the interface between metabolism and immunology with Adam Byrne. Additionally, we have a round up of all recent Society news, and hear from some of our Congress plenary speakers on what advice they have for early career researchers. 

Immunology News - November 2017

November's issue of Immunology News takes a look at careers in immunology, reporting on the findings of our recent project to map immunology careers.  We also have a focus on vaccines with articles from the Medical Research Council about their new Vaccine Networks and how they hope they will boost research in this area.  Additionally, we have a round up of all recent Society news, including a look forward to our Congress and an update on our vaccine ambassador project. 

Immunology News - August 2017

August's issue of Immunology News takes a look at global partnerships within immunology, including a new initiative by the University of Glasgow to build links with Malawi and the Society's own work collaborating with our Chinese and European colleagues. It also features an update on Society news including the upcoming BSI Congress and our recent report on immunology and the UK's life sciences strategy. 

Immunology News - May 2017

May's issue of Immunology News features a look at our new careers initiatives, a report from one of our Bright Sparks winners on her work on systemic lupus erythematosus and a feature on the hidden communities of friends and foes found in our microbiota. 

Immunology News - March 2017

March's issue of Immunology News features a look forward to the upcoming BSI elections, One Health, lifting the lid on the brain–blood divide and interviews with our Congress speakers

Immunology News - September 2016
Immunology News front cover

September's issue of Immunology News features the BSI's diamond anniversary, CAR T-cell immunotherapy, the career path to clicial immunology and the implications of Brexit.

Immunology news - March 2016
Immunology News March 2016 cover

T cells enter the battle against cancer, hedgehog signalling in T cells, a whistle stop tour of clinical immunology and more in the March edition of Immunology News. 

Immunology News - May 2016
Immunology News May 2016 Cover

This edition of Immunology News features CD4 T cells, the launch of RCP accreditation schemes and the #BritainBreathing citizen science app.