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T cell targeted approaches cancer immunotherapy

Dr Adriana Bonomo

Special Collection Editor:

Dr Adriana Bonomo, FIOCANCER, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Immunotherapy Advances features ongoing special collections on high-interest topics in immunotherapy throughout the year. This collection entitled ‘T cell-targeted approaches to cancer immunotherapy’ is led by Immunotherapy Advances’ Regional Editor for South America, Dr Adriana Bonomo, from FIOCANCER, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


 Combination of genetically engineered T cells and immune checkpoint blockade for the treatment of cancer
 Combination of genetically engineered T cells and immune checkpoint blockade for the treatment of cancer

Articles in collection


Stephanie E A Burnell, Lorenzo Capitani, Bruce J MacLachlan, Georgina H Mason, Awen M Gallimore, Andrew Godkin


Rafaela Rossetti, Heloísa Brand, Sarah Caroline Gomes Lima, Izadora Peter Furtado, Roberta Maraninchi Silveira, Daianne Maciely Carvalho Fantacini, Dimas Tadeu Covas, Lucas Eduardo Botelho de Souza


Dayane Schmidt, Sima Ebrahimabadi, Kauan Ribeiro de Sena Gomes, Graziela de Moura Aguiar, Mariane Cariati Tirapelle, Renata Nacasaki Silvestre, Júlia Teixeira Cottas de Azevedo, Dimas Tadeu Covas, Virginia Picanço-Castro
T Cell Target Approaches to Cancer
Figure from: Engineering CAR-NK cells: how to tune innate killer cells for cancer immunotherapy

Research Article 

Safety of the use of gold nanoparticles conjugated with proinsulin peptide and administered by hollow microneedles as an immunotherapy in type 1 diabetes

D Tatovic, M A McAteer, J Barry, A Barrientos, K Rodríguez Terradillos, I Perera, E Kochba, Y Levin, M Dul, S A Coulman, J C Birchall, C von Ruhland, A Howell, R Stenson, M Alhadj Ali, S D Luzio, G Dunseath, W Y Cheung, G Holland, K May, J R Ingram, M M U Chowdhury, F S Wong, R Casas, C Dayan, J Ludvigsson


Balancing the good and the bad: controlling immune related adverse events versus anti-tumor responses in cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors 

Guilherme Ferreira de Britto Evangelista, Amanda Braga Figueiredo, Milton José de Barros e Silva, Kenneth J Gollob


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