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Virtual Issues


Here are the latest free Virtual Issues from Immunology.

Drivers and Regulatiors of adaptive immunity – new concepts
Immunology adaptive immunity VI

This collection demonstrates new directions in our understanding of the shaping of adaptive immunity.

Specialised innate and adaptive immune subsets, compartments and the microbiota in health and disease
MAIT cells in immune mediated diseases

This collection includes articles which shed light on different aspects of tissue-specific immune responses to infection and those involved in inflammation in mucosal, adipose and lymphoid tissues. 

The role of microRNAs in immune cell function, health and disease
Biogenesis of microRNAs

The key reviews and papers included in this collection examine the specific roles of miRNAs within the immune system, whilst also investigating their potential as biomarkers of disease.

T cell subsets: phenotype, plasticity and regulation
Immunology Virtual Issue VI T cell subsets

This virtual issue collects together some of vast amount of information that is known about T cell subsets, their roles in immunity and immunopathology, and regulation.

Clinical & Experimental Immunology

Here are the latest free Virtual Issues from Clinical & Experimental Immunology


Immunosenescence in health and disease
Immunosenescence Virtual Issue

Collection of articles describing some of what is known about the underlying immunological and biological processes involved in immune-aging.

Type 1 diabetes: insights into pathophysiology, treatments and interventions
Effects of IL-21 on Type-1 diabetes

This collection examines the mechanisms underlying the development of type 1 diabetes and different treatment strategies under investigation, in both humans and mouse models.

From bench to clinic – highlights in translational immunology research
CEI VI translational immunology research

This collection of reviews and research papers from Clinical & Experimental Immunology outlines some of the important areas in translational immunology research in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases.

Immune homeostasis and the hygiene hypothesis: modulating the microbiome in health and disease
Disrupted microbiota

This collection of articles covers a broad range of different aspects of the microbiome and ‘hygiene hypothesis’.

Dying autologous cells as instructors of the immune system
CEI VI dying autologous cells

The way in which the immune system reacts to dead and dying cells is key in the pathogenesis of a number of diseases, with impaired clearance of apoptotic cells being implicated in many conditions.

Joint Virtual Issue

The latest joint Virtual Issue from both Clinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunology


Highlights in autoimmunity: pathogenesis, pathology and clinical features of disease

A collection of articles source from both Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology that explore different aspects of the mechanisms that initiate autoimmunity, autoimmune pathophysiology and inflammatory pathways as well as aspects of autoimmune pathology, diagnosis and management of disease. Watch the video introduction from the Editors-in-Chief below.