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Editors' Choice 2020 Virtual Issue

On behalf of all the editorial team of Clinical & Experimental Immunology, it is our pleasure to present this collection of Editors’ Choice articles from 2020. A key part of our role as editors is to identify articles with high relevance to translational immunology that are of broad interest to our readers. We believe this collection offers some fine examples of immunological techniques and approaches that provide novel mechanistic or therapeutic insight into the immunopathology of human disease.

All articles in this collection have been published in journal issues from 2020 and are free to view online. We hope you enjoy our collection and we encourage you to spread the word by sharing this free collection of articles with your network. If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to tag us @CEIjournal!

Figure from Pathological role of excessive DNA as a trigger of keratinocyte proliferation in psoriasis
J. C. Burns, L. E. Hsieh, J. Kumar, N. Behnamfar, C. Shimizu, N. Sivilay, A. H. Tremoulet, A. Franco
P. Karagianni, A. V. Goules, A. G. Tzioufas
Y. Luo, T. Hara, A. Kawashima, Y. Ishido, S. Suzuki, N. Ishii, T. Kambara, K. Suzuki
K. Higashioka, Y. Kikushige, M. Ayano, Y. Kimoto, H. Mitoma, M. Kikukawa, M. Akahoshi, Y. Arinobu, T. Horiuchi, K. Akashi, H. Niiro
Figure from Carbamylation reduces the capacity of IgG for hexamerization and complement activation
N. Yacov, P. Kafri, Y. Salem, O. Propheta‐Meiran, B. Feldman, E. Breitbart, I. Mendel
T. Funk, A. R. Fuchs, V. S. Altdörfer, R. Klein, S. E. Autenrieth, M. R. Müller, H. R. Salih, J. Henes, F. Grünebach, D. Dörfel
O. Shamriz, A. J. Simon, A. Lev, O. Megged, O. Ledder, E. Picard, L. Joseph, V. Molho-Pessach, Y. Tal, P. Millman, M. Slae, R. Somech, O. Toker, M. Berger
M. Uhde, X. Yu, A. Bunin, C. Brauner, S. K. Lewis, B. Lebwohl, S. Krishnareddy, A. Alaedini, B. Reizis, S. Ghosh, P. H. Green, G. Bhagat
R. Lubbers, S. C. Oostindie, D. J. Dijkstra, P. W. H. I. Parren, M. K. Verheul,  L. Abendstein, T. H. Sharp, Z. de Ru, G. M. C. Janssen, P. A. van Veelen, E. T. J. van den Bremer
Figure from Longitudinal anti‐nuclear antibody (ANA) seroconversion in systemic lupus erythematosus: a prospective study of Swedish cases with recent‐onset disease
M. Frodlund, J. Wetterö, C. Dahle, Ö. Dahlström, T. Skogh, J. Rönnelid, C. Sjöwall
P. J. Turner, A. F. Abdulla, M. E. Cole, R. R. Javan, V. Gould, M. E. O'Driscoll, J. Southern, M. Zambon, E. Miller, N. J. Andrews, K. Höschler, J. S. Tregoning
C. M. de Bont, N. Eerden, W. C. Boelens, G. J. M. Pruijn