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FOCIS 2021 Virtual Issue

In celebration of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS)​ Virtual Annual Meeting, the BSI’s official journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology is pleased to provide free access to a selection of primary research and review articles that complement the scientific programme of FOCIS 2021. These papers represent recent advances in fields as diverse as tumour immunology, COVID-19 pathophysiology and vaccines, cell therapy, immune genetics and immunoageing.

Clinical & Experimental Immunology seeks to publish the best translational and clinical immunology studies; those which have the potential to transform our understanding of the immunopathology of human disease or change clinical practice. Our articles cover basic and clinical investigations regarding the immunological basis of a wide range of human pathologies, including autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, complement disorders, allergies, infectious diseases, cancer and transplantation rejection, and we favour studies underpinned by strong mechanistic insight.

We hope you enjoy this collection of articles, and we encourage you to share this with colleagues online using the FOCIS 2021 hashtag #FOCIS2021 and looping in @CEIjournal and @FOCISimmunology.

Articles related to session on 'COVID Pathophysiology'

Figure from Innate immunity during SARS‐CoV‐2: evasion strategies and activation trigger hypoxia and vascular damage
Using IL‐2R/lymphocytes for predicting the clinical progression of patients with COVID‐19
H. Hou, B. Zhang, H. Huang, Y. Luo, S. Wu, G. Tang, W. Liu, L. Mao, L. Mao, F. Wang and Z. Sun


Articles related to session on 'COVID Vaccines'

Vaccines for COVID‐19
J. S. Tregoning, E. S. Brown, H. M. Cheeseman, K. E. Flight, S. L. Higham, N.-M. Lemm, B. F. Pierce, D. C. Stirling, Z. Wang and K. M. Pollock
COVID‐19 vaccine‐readiness for anti‐CD20‐depleting therapy in autoimmune diseases
D. Baker, C. A. K. Roberts, G. Pryce, A. S. Kang, M. Marta, S. Reyes, K. Schmierer, G. Giovannoni and S. Amor


Figure from Methods to manufacture regulatory T cells for cell therapy

Articles related to session on 'Cell Therapy'

Methods to manufacture regulatory T cells for cell therapy
K. N. MacDonald, J. M. Piret and M. K. Levings


Articles related to session on 'Immunology of Tumors'

Y.‐R. Yu and P.‐C. Ho
Expression profiling of single cells and patient cohorts identifies multiple immunosuppressive pathways and an altered NK cell phenotype in glioblastoma
H. J. Close, L. F. Stead, J. Nsengimana, K. A. Reilly, A. Droop, H. Wurdak, R. K. Mathew, R. Corns, J. Newton-Bishop, A. A. Melcher, S. C. Short, G. P. Cook and E. B. Wilson


Articles related to session on 'Systems Immunity'

Mimicking Behçet’s disease: GM‐CSF gain of function mutation in a family suffering from a Behçet’s disease‐like disorder marked by extreme pathergy
B. Rösler, B. Heinhuis, X. Wang, R. Silvestre, L. A. B. Joosten, M. G. Netea, P. Arts, T. Mantere, D. J. Lefeber, A. Hoischen and F. L. van de Veerdonk
L. del Pino Molina, J. M. Torres Canizales, O. Pernía, R. Rodríguez Pena, I. Ibanez de Caceres and E. López Granados
P. Karagianni, A. V. Goules and A. G. Tzioufas


Figure from Sculpting tumor microenvironment with immune system: from immunometabolism to immunoediting

Articles related to session on 'Immunoageing'

Analysis of T and NK cell subsets in Sicilian population from young to supercentenarian: the role of age and gender
Mattia Emanuela Ligotti  Anna Aiello  Giulia Accardi, Stefano Aprile, Floriana Bonura, Matteo Bulati, Francesco Gervasi, Giovanni, M. Giammanco, Fanny Pojero, Nahid Zareian, Calogero Caruso, Farzin Farzaneh and Giuseppina Candore 

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