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Immunotherapy of asthma and allergy

Immunotherapy Advances features ongoing special collections on high-interest topics in immunotherapy throughout the year. This collection entitled ‘Immunotherapy of asthma and allergy’ is led by Immunotherapy Advances’ Regional Editor for Australisia, Associate Professor Menno van Zelm, from Monash University, and The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.


Traditional and novel immunotherapeutics and their mechanism of action in changing the allergic immune response

Special Collection Editor: Associate Professor Menno van Zelm, Monash University, and The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Allergen desensitization for IgE-mediated allergic disease is the oldest form of immunotherapy. Despite being applied for over a hundred years with beneficial clinical outcomes, long-term outcomes typically require three or more years of treatment and there are still gaps in precision diagnostics for accurate identification of the relevant allergenic trigger.

We are interested in articles summarising recent advances in the identification of new targets for the treatment of food and environmental allergies, including first-in-human studies and negative clinical trials where they provide mechanistic insight.


Figure from Behind the scenes with basophils: an emerging therapeutic target 

Articles in collection:

Hemali Shah, Stephanie Eisenbarth, Christopher A Tormey, Alexa J Siddon
Naomi Richardson, David Cameron Wraith
Natália Pinheiro-Rosa, Lícia Torres, Mariana de Almeida Oliveira, Marcos Felipe Andrade de Oliveira, Mauro Andrade de Freitas Guimaraes, Monique Macedo Coelho, Juliana de Lima Alves, Tatiani Uceli Maioli, Ana M Caetano Faria


Submissions for this series are open throughout 2021. Immunotherapy Advances welcomes original research, reviews, commentaries and TrialsWatch articles addressing a range of topics that contribute to our understanding of the immunotherapeutic treatment options for asthma and allergies.

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