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A Joint Virtual Issue from the BSI and the Biochemical Society

Celebrating increasing collaboration between societies, the British Society for Immunology and the Biochemical Society have created this curated collection of articles from ImmunologyClinical & Experimental Immunology, and the Biochemical Society journals. It features key topics across the field of immunology, including autoimmunityimmune cell developmentimmunometabolism and inflammation.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles. 



Figure from Impacts of microbiome metabolites on immune regulation and autoimmunity

Antibody repertoire analysis in polygenic autoimmune diseases
R.J. Bashford‐Rogers, K.G. Smith & D.C. Thomas

Adaptive immune education by gut microbiota antigens
Q. Zhao & C.O. Elson

LncRNAs, MALAT1 and lnc-DC as potential biomarkers for multiple sclerosis diagnosis
O.G. Shaker, R.H. Mahmoud, O.O. Abdelaleem, E.G. Ibrahem, A.A. Mohamed, O.M. Zaki, N.K. Abdelghaffar, T.I. Ahmed, N.F. Hemeda, N.A. Ahmed & D.F. Mansour

Immune deficiency and autoimmunity in patients with CTLA‐4 (CD152) mutations
N. Verma, S.O. Burns, L.S. Walker & D.M. Sansom

The molecular basis of immune regulation in autoimmunity
S.-H. Yang, C.-YGao, L. Li, C. Chang, P.S.C. Leung, M.E. Gershwin & Z.-X. Lian

Impact of the gut microbiome in cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases
M. Weis

Protein arginine deiminase 4 inhibition is sufficient for the amelioration of collagen‐induced arthritis
V.C. Willis, N.K. Banda, K.N. Cordova, P.E. Chandra, W.H. Robinson, D.C. Cooper, D. Lugo, G. Mehta, S. Taylor, P.P. Tak, R.K. Prinjha, H.D. Lewis & V.M. Holers


Immune cell development 

Figure from Altered metabolic pathways regulate synovial inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis

Deep sequencing of the TCR‐β repertoire of human forkhead box protein 3 (FoxP3)+ and FoxP3– T cells suggests that they are completely distinct and non‐overlapping
A. Golding, S. Darko, W.H. Wylie, D.C. Douek & E.M.  Shevach

T follicular helper cell development and functionality in immune ageing
C.E. Gustafson, C.M. Weyand & J.J. Goronzy

The immune system
L.B. Nicholson

Antibody specificity and promiscuity
D. Jain & D.M. Salunke

Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP modulates regulatory T-cell-mediated immunosuppression
M. Almahariq, F.C. Mei, H. Wang, A.T. Cao, S. Yao, L. Soong, J. Sun, Y. Cong, J. Chen & X. Cheng

Vitamin C and immune cell function in inflammation and cancer
A. Ang, J.M. Pullar, M.J. Currie & M.C.M Vissers



Figure from The Immune System

Adipose tissue dendritic cells in steady‐state
C.E. Macdougall & M.P. Longhi

Altered metabolic pathways regulate synovial inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
U. Fearon, M.M. Hanlon, S.M. Wade & J.M. Fletcher

Immune regulation by microbiome metabolites
C.H. Kim

Immunometabolism of obesity and diabetes: microbiota link compartmentalized immunity in the gut to metabolic tissue inflammation
J.B. McPhee & J.D. Schertzer

Impacts of microbiome metabolites on immune regulation and autoimmunity
S. Haase, A. Haghikia, N. Wilck, D.N. Müller & R.A. Linker  

Metabolic reprogramming in the tumour microenvironment: a hallmark shared by cancer cells and T lymphocytes
K.E. Allison, B.L. Coomber & B.W. Bridle

Signal transduction by the lipopolysaccharide receptor, Toll-like receptor-4
E.M. Pålsson-McDermott & L.A. O'Neill



Figure from The role of polymorphic ERAP1 in autoinflammatory disease 

The role of polymorphic ERAP1 in autoinflammatory disease
E. Reeves & E. James

IL4‐10 fusion protein: a novel immunoregulatory drug combining activities of interleukin 4 and interleukin 10
C. Steen‐Louws, S.A. Hartgring, J. Popov‐Celeketic, A.P. Lopes, M.B. de Smet, N. Eijkelkamp, F.P. Lafeber, C.E. Hack & J.A. van Roon

Exercise protects from cancer through regulation of immune function and inflammation
P. Hojman

Synergistic effect of interleukin‐17 and tumour necrosis factor‐α on inflammatory response in hepatocytes through interleukin‐6‐dependent and independent pathways 
A. Beringer, N. Thiam, J. Molle, B. Bartosch & P. Miossec

Adenine nucleotides as paracrine mediators and intracellular second messengers in immunity and inflammation
R. Fliegert, J. Heeren, F. Koch-Nolte, V.O. Nikolaev, C. Lohr, C. Meier & A.H. Guse

Immune modulatory effects of statins
R. Zeiser

Modulation of the immune response by helminths: a role for serotonin?
S.J. Wang, k.A. Sharkey & D.M. McKay

Inflammatory cytokines compromise programmed cell death‐1 (PD‐1)‐mediated T cell suppression in inflammatory arthritis through up‐regulation of soluble PD‐1
D. Bommarito, C. Hall, L.S. Taams & V.M. Corrigall

Potential role of a series of lysine-/leucine-rich antimicrobial peptide in inhibiting lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation
W. Dong, X. Zhu, X. Zhou, Y. Yang, X. Yan, L. Sun & D. Shang

A role for viral infections in Parkinson's etiology
L.K. Olsen, E. Dowd & D.P. McKernan


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