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Targeting immunometabolism

Therapeutic exploration and understanding of the specific intracellular metabolic pathways in immune cells

Special Collection Editor: Associate Professor Marianne Boes, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

The field of immunometabolism has matured into a vibrant translational research area in the last decade. Immunometabolism concerns the interplay of immunological and metabolic processes in health and disease, and can be a major influencing factor and driver in other conditions like autoimmune and infectious diseases, cancer and obesity.

This Special Collection curated by Immunotherapy Advances' Regional Editor for Europe, Prof Marianne Boes, aims to provide a comprehensive overview on metabolites and micronutrients in both hosts and pathogens and how they contribute to driving immune responses. The collection highlights developments in the field of translational immunometabolism, including its role in the treatment of COVID-19, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Figure from A glutamine “tug-of-war”: Targets to manipulate glutamine metabolism for cancer immunotherapy 



Angela Markovska, Henk S Schipper, Marianne Boes


Articles in collection:

L J Pallett, S Dimeloe, L V Sinclair, A J Byrne, A Schurich
Patrick J Lenehan, Assunta Cirella, Amiko M Uchida, Stephanie J Crowley, Tatyana Sharova, Genevieve Boland, Michael Dougan, Stephanie K Dougan, Max Heckler
Figure from Targeting immunometabolism to treat COVID-19
Shane Myles O’Carroll, Luke A J O’Neill
Joyce Lübbers, R J Eveline Li, Friederike S Gorki, Sven C M Bruijns, Ashley Gallagher, Hakan Kalay, Martino Ambrosini, Douwe Molenaar, Jan Van den Bossche, Sandra J van Vliet, Yvette van Kooyk
Adaptive immunity and vaccination – Iron in the spotlight (Review)
Alexandra E Preston, Hal Drakesmith, Joe N Frost

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