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Review Series: Inflammation and Immune Resolution

Inflammation and immune resolution

Inspired by the advances presented at the Inflammation and Immune Resolution Plenary Session at the British Society for Immunology Congress, December 2017, in this issue of Clinical & Experimental Immunology we present a Review Series on Inflammation and Immune Resolution.

Our selection ranges from an overview of current genetic understanding of the similarities and differences between immune mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs); discussion of several biological mechanisms underlying the aberrant activation of myeloid cells in RA, and how myeloid cell relevant anti-inflammatory mediators may contribute to immune resolution; presentation of fascinating evidence for the existence of innate immune memory in stromal cells and how this may exacerbate or restrain inflammatory disease; and a review of how the interleukin (IL)-6 family members IL-6 and IL-27 may drive or regulate inflammation.

Inflammation and immune resolution are two sides of the same coin: the reviews presented in this series aim to equip readers with greater insight into the delicate balance between the two.

Read the series below:

Inflammation and immune resolution
Leonie S. Taams

Genetics of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases
T. David, S. F. Ling and A. Barton

Driving chronicity in rheumatoid arthritis - perpetuating role of myeloid cells
S. Alivernini, B. Tolusso, G. Ferraccioli, E. Gremese, M. Kurowska‐Stolarska and I. B. McInnes

Stroma: the forgotten cells of innate immune memory
T. Crowley, C. D. Buckley and A. R. Clark

IL-27 – a double agent in the IL-6 family
G. W. Jones, D. G. Hill, A. Cardus and S. A. Jones

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