Clinical Careers in Immunology

The roles of clinical scientist and biomedical scientist make invaluable contributions to immunology in the clinical setting - aiding in the analysis, diagnosis and treatment of the huge range of conditions with an immunological basis. They provide a rewarding alternative to a dedicated research career, with a range of opportunities for career development. This downloadable article includes a contribution from Alice Wiltshire, a practising clinical scientist in immunology, who outlines the application and training procedures associated with that role. You can find out more about the roles and requirements for these positions by clicking on the following links:biomedical scientist or clinical scientist.

Clinical Immunologists are specialist doctors who undertake a range of clinical and laboratory duties, but their core activities are in the clinical management of patients. Their clinical work is largely outpatient based and involves the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiencies, allergy, autoimmune diseases as well as providing support for transplant patients and the management of HIV. To find out more about this medical specialism within the NHS visit the NHS careers website or watch the Royal College of Physicians Immunology Speciality Spotlight video below.


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