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Bioinformatics training programme – full outline and reviews

The British Society for Immunology is excited to offer a new training programme designed for wet-lab life scientists with no previous experience on bioinformatics or coding. The programme has been developed and is delivered by the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core and is being offered by the British Society for Immunology.

Which course is right for me?

The first course ‘Omic data analysis and visualisation using R’ is essential for complete beginners, covering the foundations of bioinformatics, R-coding and omic data visualisation. There are two confirmed dates for this course in 2023, which consists of ten online sessions in total, taking place on weekdays in the morning.

In addition, there are optional extra courses, depending on need, which build on specific lessons obtained in the first course. They allow for specialisation into advanced topics such as single-cell RNA-sequencing. More information coming soon. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media channels @britsocimm

  Bulk RNA-seq ssRNA-seq Proteomics &
Genomics &
Complex design Confirmed 2023 dates
Omic data analysis and visualisation using R REQUIRED REQUIRED REQUIRED REQUIRED  
Functions, signatures and biomarkers   SUGGESTED     SUGGESTED 19-26 July
Command-line omics, Linux and Python SUGGESTED     REQUIRED   7-18 August
Single-cell RNA-seq   REQUIRED        

Registration for the rest of the confirmed dates will open soon and more dates will be announced throughout the year – please keep an eye out on our channels. 

What do previous attendees think?

The course has had over 600 attendees since 2020, with a mean rating of 9.4/10 for content and delivery, and 93% of participants thinking the session length and pace was “about right”, after 258 reviews.

“Great course! Never thought that something so complex like R could be explained is such clear and simple manner.” 

“The content of the course was great and was clearly relevant to biological data analysis from start to finish. I really appreciate that each line of code and each function within the code was explained, as this has left me able to write and customise my code and plots in hundreds of ways.”

“Really enjoyed this outstanding course – allowed a complete novice (me) to become R-functional – I will continue to improve as the course tutorial structure/course materials make it easy to revise/hone skills.”

“I've been on other R courses and this was the best by far as I actually finished it feeling a lot less scared of R and omics generally!”

"I think the course was excellent. I had very little knowledge of bioinformatics at all, and I now feel I have a firm understanding of the different aspects of sequencing, data presentation and what said presentation shows."

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The programme has been developed and is delivered by the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core and is being offered by the British Society for Immunology.