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 Drivers and regulators of adaptive immunity – new concepts

In this new virtual issue we collect together some of the most interesting articles published in Immunology in the last two years, demonstrating new directions in our understanding of the shaping of adaptive immunity.

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The British Society for Immunology has released a statement in response to the recent General Medical Council Review of Training in Allergy and Immunology. 

The Houses of Parliament

The British Society for Immunology is calling on our members to take four actions to ensure that the voice of immunology is heard in the upcoming debates on triggering Article 50 to leave the European Union.

Immunology in the news

Researchers have discovered a molecular mechanism that could explain why allergies are less common in developing countries. Writing in the journal, Immunology, they report that this finding could be the first step to developing new immunotherapies to prevent allergies. 

A paper published today in the British Medical Journal reports on a systematic review and meta-analysis on studies assessing whether vitamin D supplementation is effective in preventing acute respiratory infections.  The study concluded that vitamin D supplementation was safe and provided protection against acute respiratory tract infection, with patients who were very vitamin D deficient experiencing the most benefit. In response to this paper, the British Society for Immunology has issued the following statement: 

The BBC’s flagship health programme ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ this week contained a fascinating insight into the workings of our immune system.  The programme features commonly asked health questions from members of the public, and this week top of the pile was “Can I boost my immune system?”. 


Scanning electron micrograph of a human T lymphocyte (also called a T cell) from the immune system of a healthy donor.

Welcome to the next installment of our regular update where we report on research from the world of immunology, highlighting work from BSI members that has hit the headlines over the past few weeks.

December marked the BSI’s Annual Congress, this year hosted in collaboration with the Dutch Society of Immunology (NVVI) in Liverpool. This joint conference was further evidence that immunology is a truly collaborative science with internationalism at its heart.

The January issue of the BSI’s official journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology is a special issue on immunosenescence, containing a fascinating set of review articles summarising our current knowledge in this area and what we still need to find out.  Here, BSI member Dr Natalie Riddell, Lecturer in Immunology, University of Surrey, discusses the key papers highlighted in this issue.

Information for the public

We have a host of resources available to teach you more about immunology, your immune system, and to help you get involved in our public engagement activities.

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