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We are now accepting nominations for the 2018 Immunology Teaching Excellence Award.

The BSI are now accepting applications from those wishing to participate in the 2019 Mentoring Scheme.

Immunology in the news

Measles virus. 3D illustration showing structure of measles virus with surface glycoprotein spikes heamagglutinin-neuraminidase and fusion protein

Our response to news that measles cases in Europe have soared in the first six months of this year

Syringe needle in bottle

The Department of Health and Social Care have announced that adolescent boys in England will routinely be given the HPV vaccine. 

The Home Office has published statistics on the number of animals used in research in 2017.


Welcome to the next installment of our regular update where we report on research from the world of immunology, highlighting work from BSI members that has hit the headlines over the past few weeks. 

Includes: Stathapoulou et al.2018 Immunity DOI:; Metidji et al. 2018 Immunity DOI:; Szabady et al 2018 Journal of Clinical Investigation DOI:

Parliamentary Links Day is an annual event which brings together scientists, learned societies and members of parliament at Portcullis House in Westminster. The theme of this year's event was ‘Science and the Industrial Strategy’.

BSI Policy Manager Shannon Lacombe, reports on our recent trip to China to meet with representatives from the Chinese Society for Immunology and on our ongoing partnership and plans to strengthen links. 


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We have a host of resources available to teach you more about immunology, your immune system, and to help you get involved in our public engagement activities.

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