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Vaccine engagement day: keep sharing, keep having #VaccineConversations

Digital engagement

Our annual vaccine engagement day is back! As part of our mission to help everyone make informed decisions about vaccination, we’re holding a mass online public engagement day on Tuesday 26 March 2024.

We’re calling on our members to keep sharing your expert voice in #VaccineConversations with a day of learning and celebration on social media, championing the critical role of vaccines in protecting us from diseases.

This year, we aim to focus on keeping the dialogue open around childhood vaccinations.

BSI members and the wider research community are ideally placed to be expert sources of knowledge in these conversations. Building on the success of previous years, we are giving immunologists the spotlight to engage with the public around childhood vaccines by listening and addressing common questions and concerns.

In particular, we want to strengthen understanding around the MMR vaccine, which protects against three serious diseases: measles, mumps and rubella. In the UK, measles cases have been rising due to vaccination rates not being high enough to stop the spread of this highly infectious disease.

There are many ways to play a role in informing the public about vaccination. No matter where you are in your public engagement journey at the moment, we want to hear from you on Tuesday 26 March!

How to get involved

We have pooled a range of resources to empower immunologists to have open and constructive conversations with the public by listening to and addressing common questions and concerns with evidence-based information.

Ahead of the day:

On the day:

We hope you will join us across social media for a day of vaccine advocacy, learning and celebration!