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BiteSized Immunology

BiteSized Immunology is a developing online resource designed to form a comprehensive guide to the immune system, yet approaching the topic via punchy, easy-to-digest, entries that outline major learning points.

You can search by keyword, and access/download the content in a variety of formats – as well as via graphical interface, or flexible menu system.

The content is especially suitable for biomedical undergraduates, but should appeal to advanced school students and others coming to the field of immunology for the first time.

The Spanish language version has been coordinated by Jesús Gil-Pulido, community manager of the Spanish Society for Immunology, and has been made possible thanks to members of the Spanish Society for Immunology (

Latest Articles

Introduction Acquired angioedema (AAE) due to deficiency of C1-inhibitor is a relatively infrequently occurring but serious disorder, resulting in severe, sometimes life-...
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) which play a crucial in the initiation of innate immune response by detecting potential harmful pathogens....
What is a biofilm? A common misconception of microbial living is that bacteria exist as individual organisms in a ‘planktonic state’. Rather, microorganisms have been shown to...