We are delighted to announce that BiteSized Immunology has now been fully translated and available in Spanish.

 Last year we were approached by Jesus Gil, Community Manager of the Spanish Society for Immunology who wanted to share BiteSized Immunology within the Spanish speaking community. The site is now live and we would like to encourage all immunologists to contribute to this ever popular and expanding resource.

 Bite-Sized Immunology is a developing online resource designed to form a comprehensive guide to the immune system, yet approaching the topic via punchy, easy-to-digest, entries that outline major learning points. You can search by keyword, and access/download the content in a variety of formats – as well as via graphical interface, or flexible menu system. The content is especially suitable for biomedical undergraduates, but should appeal to advanced school students and others coming to the field of immunology for the first time.

 If you are a PhD student, Postdoc or Researcher and would be interested in contributing to Bite-Sized on a voluntary basis, or have suggestions for new topics, please contact us Melanie Lucas

 We would like to thank Jesus Gil and Louise Cairns for all their work on this project and look forward to receiving your feedback.

BSI in the news: our response to reported seasonal variations in gene activity linked to the immune system  

This is the British Society for Immunology's comment in response to research reporting that differences in gene activity according to season may affect immune system functioning.  This story was published on 12 May 2015 and received coverage in a number of media outlets including BBC News. You can read our full quote below:

Professor Peter Openshaw, President of the British Society for Immunology and Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London, said:
“It’s a very interesting paper, showing how careful you have to be in ensuring that samples from cases and controls are well-matched in big studies like this where many measurements are made.

“To me, the interesting question is why there is such variation and what it causes: does it arise partly because of the different infections that circulate at different times of year, or do these changes have other causes? The authors hint that sunlight-related changes in vitamin D may have effects but how much do these oscillations affect immune responses, for example, to vaccines and viral infections? There are many great questions left open for future study.”

This statement is in response to the following paper: Dopico et al. 2015. Nature Communications, doi: 10.1038/ncomms8000.

ECI 2015 bursary available from the bsi - 01 june deadline

ECI logoThe European Congress of Immunology (ECI) is taking place on 6-9 September 2015 in Vienna. The abstract deadline has passed but there is still time to apply for a BSI bursary. 
The BSI are delighted to announce that they will be awarding a number of bursaries to assist members attending ECI 2015. Support under this scheme is available to BSI members in good standing with their annual subscriptions. If you are not currently a BSI member you may apply to join prior to submitting your application. Please note that, although the BSI endeavours to ensure that travel awards are awarded to as many applicants as possible, there will be occasions where applications are unsuccessful.
Click here to download an application form.

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