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BSI committee elections 2024

Elections for positions on the British Society for Immunology committees are now closed. Thank you to all who put forward nominations and who voted. The results will be announced in early May.

Every single vote makes a difference. Your elected representatives will make numerous decisions on your behalf and by taking part in the committee elections, you can influence many different aspects of the BSI’s work, governance, activities and much more!

Positions up for election

Why you should vote


  • Early Career Trustee
  • Industry Trustee


  • Careers & Education Secretary

Member Representative Forum (non-Trustees)

  • PhD Representative
  • Northern Ireland Representative
  • Clinical Representative

Please note, some of the positions that were open for nominations are not open for elections. The BSI Congress Committee vacancies are elected by the CEO and Congress Secretary to complement the existing expertise on the committee. The positions of Groups Secretary, Congress Secretary, Early Career Representative and all BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) Steering Group roles will be appointed uncontested. For the role of Clinical Research Secretary, no nominations were received. All the successful candidates will be announced along with the voting results in early May.

How to vote

To register your votes in this election, all eligible BSI members* will have received an email on Monday 18 March from Civica Election Services, an independent provider who ensures our elections are run to the highest standards. This email contains a personalised security code through which you can find out more about the election candidates and register your votes.

If you haven't received the voting email, please try the following:

  1. Make sure you've checked the correct inbox – the address used is the one provided for regular BSI membership communications
  2. Check your junk folder and mark as safe
  3. If you still can't find the email, contact Catherine La Ferla at to receive another voting link

The voting period closed at 17:00 BST on Tuesday 16 April.

What happens next?

The final results of the elections will be announced in early May

*Voting rights are open to all paid categories of membership and honorary members. Please note, this excludes undergraduate members who do not have to pay a membership fee and low-income economy overseas who have a 100% discount on their membership fee.