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BSI Reports

Patient and public involvement in COVID-19 research: Bridging the gap between theory and practice

This report by the British Society for Immunology and in association with National Core Studies Immunity aims to encourage more research teams to consider involving patients and the public in their work, and to provide practical examples of how this can be done to great effect.

Measuring vaccine-induced immunogenicity: Leveraging a COVID-19 legacy for improved public health

This British Society for Immunology report aims to help policy makers and regulators, as well as clinicians, researchers and industry, to better understand, measure and utilise vaccine-induced immunogenicity for long-term benefit to patients and public health, and stronger pandemic preparedness in the UK. MSD fully funded and attended the roundtable meeting. This report was fully funded by MSD and was fact checked for accuracy and balance only.

The Impact of Patient and Public Involvement in the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium (November 2021)

This joint report, with the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium, celebrates and showcases the positive impact of involving patients and the public in immunology research.

Securing our Future: The Value of Veterinary Vaccines

This joint report, with the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network, reviews the current state of the veterinary vaccinology landscape and sets out the key recommendations to maintain the UK’s leading role in this area.

Immunity & Covid-19 (February 2021)

This report from the British Society for Immunology's Immunology and COVID-19 taskforce rapidly reviews what we do and don’t currently know about immunity to SARS-CoV-2 induced by vaccination and natural infection and outlines four research recommendations.

The Ageing Immune System and Covid-19 (November 2020)

This report from the British Society for Immunology's Immunology and COVID-19 taskforce analyses what we currently do and don’t understand about the science behind why the immune systems of older people react differently to SARS-CoV-2 infection. The report also outlines five research recommendations to increase our understanding of how the older immune system responds to COVID-19, with a particular focus on issues around co-infections and multimorbidity.

Long-Term Immunological Health Consequences of Covid-19 (August 2020)

This briefing note provides a rapid review of current research on the long-term immunological health consequences of COVID-19. It also sets out key recommendations to help understand what SARS-CoV-2 and our immune response to it does to our health over the long term in a range of individuals, from asymptomatic to severe cases.

Covid-19 Immunology Research (May 2020)

We have joined forces with the Academy of Medical Sciences to publish a new expert summary, which rapidly reviews current COVID-19 immunology research and identifies urgent research priorities. The paper reviews what we know about COVID-19 from immunology research and highlights knowledge gaps that could hamper efforts to get the pandemic under control.

Protecting The World: Celebrating 200 Years of Vaccine Research (April 2020)

This new report, part of the BSI's Celebrate Vaccines work, examines the leading contribution that the UK has made to vaccine research and how this had improved global public health.  It takes a look at our past successes and where we need to focus resources in the future to ensure we can continue to develop new vaccines to protect against emerging infectious diseases.

Careers in Immunology (October 2017)

The British Society for Immunology has conducted a careers mapping project focusing on the immunology workforce in the UK. This project was published in October 2017 and provides a snapshot of the current immunology workforce across multiple disciplines, providing a platform for further research and investigation.  You can download the project report from the link below and find out further information from the careers review section of our website

Immunology and The UK's Life Sciences Industry (May 2017)

This is an exciting time for immunology. The discipline sits at the sharp end of research and innovation in the life sciences sector, with decades of investment and collaboration in basic research beginning to yield exciting new breakthroughs in critical disease areas. Our new report 'Immunology and the UK's life sciences industry' highlights the importance of immunology to this sector and makes recommendations for actions the government should take to support life sciences.  This report formed our response to the government's industrial strategy Green Paper.

60 Years of Immunology: Past, Present and Future (October 2016)

A report celebrating the 60th anniversary of the BSI highlighting selected areas of current immunological interest and identifying exciting new themes and trends. 

Immunology: An International, Life-Saving Science (June 2016)

The UK ranks first amongst the G7 for the quality of its research in infection and immunology, a fact that is in no small part due to the numerous global links and relationships that support world-class immunological research in our institutions. Our new report Immunology: an international, life-saving science highlights why these international influences matter and makes a number of recommendations that can help ensure UK immunology continues to flourish on the international stage.