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Past events

E.g., 17/10/2021

The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

The BSI London Immunology Group is pleased to bring you their annual meeting in collaboration with the BSI Neuroimmunology Affinity Group. This meeting will showcase areas where the immune system interacts with the neuronal and stromal compartments to maintain tissue homeostasis and to orchestrate tissue responses to infectious and inflammatory challenges.


The BSI West of Scotland Immunology Group is pleased to bring you their annual Delphine Parrott Memorial Lecture as part of the BSI Regional and Affinity Group webinar series. This year's speaker is Prof Pamela Björkman from the California Institute of Technology.


The Clinical Working Party of the European Society of Immunodeficiencies Multidisciplinary Symposium on the Immunological Consequences of Targeted Immune Therapies (ESID 2021) is a unique symposium bringing together professionals from different fields to share their expertise in the treatment and management of acquired immunodeficiencies.

Zoom Webinar

The British Society for Immunology is pleased to hold a free public webinar about the cutting-edge research to understand the immune response after COVID-19 vaccination in people who are immunosuppressed and how this can be managed. 


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