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BSI Neuroimmunology Symposium

BSI event
Sensory Neurons Dendritic Cells
Manchester, UK
In person
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This is a two-day meeting organised by the BSI Neuroimmunology Group, to bring the UK field of neuroimmunology together to discuss diverse areas of neuroimmune research including brain injury, regeneration, peripheral neuroimmune mechanisms, neurodegenerative disease and CNS infection.

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The BSI Neuroimmunology Group looks forward to welcoming you at the Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 April 2024.


Day 1

11:45 | Registration and lunch

12:30 | Welcome address

12:45 | Keynote speaker: Professor Menna Clatworthy (University of Cambridge, UK)
Pushing the boundaries of central nervous system immunity

SESSION 1 - CNS homeostasis and pathology

Chairs: Dr Yvonne Dombrowsky, Queen's University Belfast, UK, Dr Fränze Progatzky, University of Oxford, UK

13:30 | Invited speaker: Dr Yvonne Dombrowski (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
Regenerative inflammation: Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in myelin regeneration in the central nervous system

13:55 \ Selected short talk: Dr Elizabeth Cooper (CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK)
Tumour Defenders at the Brain's Edge: Understanding how Brain-Border Derived Haematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells Contribute to Ependymoma Immunotolerance

14:10 | Invited speaker: Professor Marina Lynch (Trinity College Dublin, UK)
The impact of sex on neuroinflammation in age and Alzheimer’s disease

14:40 | Selected short talk: Dr Joao Paulo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (University of Manchester, UK)
Immunoregulatory function of metabolic-sensing brain circuits

14:55 | Refreshment break and meet the exhibitors

SESSION 2 - Brain injury

Chairs: Dr Andy Greenhalgh, University of Manchester, UK, Dr Laura McCulloch, University of Edinburgh, UK

15:30 | Invited speaker: Dr Ed Needham (University of Cambridge, UK)
Reframing Traumatic Brain Injury as an Immunological Disease

16:00 | Selected short talk: Dr Jack Barrington (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Defining the spatiotemporal evolution of neuroinflammation following human haemorrhagic stroke

16:15 | Invited speaker: Dr Andy Greenhalgh (University of Manchester, UK) 
Brain region-specific immune response to mild Traumatic Brain Injury

16:40 | Selected short talk: Dr Victor Tapia (University of Manchester, UK)
25HC induces a cholesterol-dependent dysregulation of brain endothelial cell function and exacerbates cerebral haemorrhage

16:55 | Invited speaker: Dr Laura McCulloch (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Systemic immune changes in response to stroke

17:20 | Networking reception and posters

18:30 | Close

Day 2

08:30 | Networking hour

09:30 | Keynote speaker: Professor Burkhart Becher (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Anti-inflammatory proinflammatory cytokines: New concepts of immune regulation

SESSION 3: Peripheral immunity

Chairs: Dr Andy Greenhalgh, University of Manchester, UK, Dr Fränze Progatzky, University of Oxford, UK

10:15 | Invited speaker: Dr Elaine Emmerson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Nerve-associated macrophages in the salivary gland and their role following radiotherapy injury

10:45 | Selected short talk: Erin Watson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Nerve-associated macrophages play a pivotal role in salivary gland homeostasis and repair after radiotherapy injury

11:00 | Invited speaker: Dr Fränze Progatzky (University of Oxford, UK)
Regulation of tissue immunity by peripheral glia 

11:25 | Refreshment break and meet the exhibitors

SESSION 4: Cellular interactions in disease

Chairs: David Posner, University of Cambridge, UK, Dr Yvonne Dombrowski, Queen's University Belfast, UK

11:50 | Invited speaker: David Posner (University of Cambridge)
Brain-resident B cells in homeostasis

12:15 | Selected short talk: Dr Helen Parker (University of Manchester, UK)
The meningeal immune landscape in a neurodegenerative lysosomal disorder

12:30 | Invited speaker: Dr Sebastiaan De Schepper (University College London, UK)
Gut Macrophages Modulate Brain Synucleinopathy in Parkinson’s

13:00 | Flash talk TBC

13:03 | Flash talk: Dr Natalie Riddell (University of Surrey, UK)
Beta-2 adrenergic regulation of the aged immune system

13:06 | Flash talk: Amy Dashwood (University of Cambridge, UK)
Novel genetic systems show feedback from CD4 T cell infiltrate in aged mouse brain shapes and selects microglia populations

13:09 | Flash talk: Dr Katy Dodd (University of Manchester, UK)
Increased expression of complement receptors on T and B Cells in myasthenia gravis

13:12 | Flash talk: Dr Deepika Sharma (University of Glasgow, UK)
Characterising the brain T cell biology of neuro-immune responses to TLR7-activated neuroinflammation

13:15 | Sponsored short talk: Filomena Spada (Standard BioTools)
High-plex whole slide spatial biology assays powered by the Hyperion XTi

13:25 | Lunch, posters and exhibition

SESSION 5: CNS infections

Chairs: Dr Juan Quintana, University of Manchester, UK, Dr Rebecca Drummond, University of Birmingham, UK

14:45 | Invited speaker: Dr Maria Bernabeu (EMBL, Spain)
Modelling cerebral malaria in bioengineered 3D blood-brain barrier models

15:15 | Selected short talk: Dr Isobel Mouat (University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research, UK)
Experimental stroke results in chronic B cell deficits and infection vulnerability

15:30 | Invited speaker: Dr Juan Quintana (University of Manchester, UK)
The neuroimmunology of sleeping sickness

15:55 | Selected short talk: Sofia Hain (University of Birmingham, UK)
Exploring meningeal inflammation in cryptococcal infection

16:10 | Invited speaker: Dr Rebecca Drummond (University of Birmingham, UK)
Understanding microglia interactions with invading fungi

16:35 | Prizes

17:00 | Close


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