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To post a job advertisement on this page, please contact Glyn Jones. Note that this service is free to BSI members and their institutions, as well as our corporate members. There is a small charge of £100 for non-members who wish to advertise. 

Please note, all job vacancies are posted as soon as they are received, and are cleared after the closing date, or after three months, if one is not specified.

For more information about the vacancies, please click on the links below. You may also find it helpful to have a look at our funding opportunities page

Current vacancies

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

The University of Aberdeen are seeking to recruit a talented and enthusiastic individual with research expertise in stromal cell-immune cell interactions, molecular signalling and cytokine biology in the context of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions such as arthritis. The successful candidate will align their research activities with the work in the Arthritis & Regenerative Medicine Group led by Professor Cosimo De Bari.

University of Aberdeen
Application deadline:
Reader/Senior Lecturer

The research focus of this role will be on understanding the principles that govern host-pathogen interaction and immune homeostasis with a focus on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that guide the induction of inflammation and anti-microbial immunity, and the factors that balance the immune response. We encourage applicants exploiting the power of in vivo models, and investigating fungal infections and/or bacterial pathogens as infection models. However, outstanding candidates in other areas of Immunology will be considered.

Queen's University Belfast
Application deadline:



BSI internship scheme

The BSI offers a three-month internship scheme to individuals interested in exploring the career possibilities within learned societies.

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Get Involved

Get involved with what we do at the BSI and help us to achieve our objective t promote and support excellence in immunology.

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