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Introducing the STRAVINSKY study: understanding who is most clinically vulnerable to COVID-19

BSI supported event
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The ‘Stratification of Clinically Vulnerable People for COVID-19 Risk Using Antibody Testing’ (STRAVINSKY) study is pleased to hold a free public webinar on Thursday 21 September 18:00–19:00 BST to provide more information on the project and how to get involved. 

STRAVINSKY is a new 2-year study, which aims to build our understanding of who is most clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 infection and identify individuals or disease groups at highest risk. Using this information, STRAVINSKY will be able to assess the effectiveness of COVID-19 booster vaccine programmes or new treatment strategies for these patients. 

STRAVINSKY is currently recruiting patients to take part in this research who either have conditions or take medication that affect the functioning of their immune system. Come along to this free webinar to join the study research team and hear more about STRAVINSKY’s aims, what’s involved in taking part in the project and to ask any questions. 

This webinar is for a public audience with opportunity for everyone to ask questions to our speakers. Questions can be submitted beforehand via the registration link below or you can ask them live at the event. All questions submitted will be treated in an anonymous manner. Please note, we’re unable to answer questions about individual medical needs. 

Registration is free for all for this webinar. Book your place here


  • Professor Alex Richter, STRAVINSKY lead researcher, University of Birmingham 


  • Dr Jennie Evans, British Society for Immunology