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Oxford Immunology Symposium 2024

BSI event
Oxford University
Oxford, UK
In person
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The BSI Oxford Immunology Group, in collaboration with the University of Oxford Immunology Network, is pleased to present a one-day showcase of the fantastic immunology research happening across Oxford. With a diverse range of disciplines and technologies on display, from fundamental biology, infection and imaging to systems immunology, therapeutics, and AI, there will be plenty of opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking. The BSI Oxford Immunology Group looks forward to welcoming you at the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute on Monday 18 March 2024.

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8:15 | Registration

9:00 | Introduction: Professor Paul Klenerman (University of Oxford, UK)

Session 1: Tumour immunology and cellular therapy

Chairs: Professor Tim Elliott (University of Oxford, UK) and Professor Xin Lu (University of Oxford, UK)

9:10 | Invited speaker: Professor Geraldine Gillespie (University of Oxford, UK)
Therapeutic targeting of HLA-E in cancer: challenges and opportunities

09:35 | Selected short talk: Sooraj Achar, (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, UK) 
Engineering TCR-controlled Fuzzy Logic into CAR T Cells Enhances Therapeutic Specificity 

09:45 | Selected short talk: Hannah Fuchs, (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford, UK) 
High tumour monocyte content predicts long-term survival for patients with operable oesophageal cancer 
treated with neoadjuvant immunochemotherapy in the LUD2015-005 trial 

09:55 | Selected short talk: Dr Ewoud B Compeer, (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, UK) 
Human CAR19 CD8+ iTregs release Thrombospondin-4 supramolecular attack particles with superior 
graft-versus-leukemia activity while suppressing xenograft-versus-host-disease

10:05 | Invited speaker: Dr Isabela Pedroza-Pacheco (University of Oxford, UK)
Composition and organisation of CD4 T follicular helper cell and B cell infiltrates in CRC

10:30 | Coffee break and posters

Session 2: Neglected diseases and infection

Chairs: Professor Susanna Dunachie (University of Oxford, UK) and Professor Teresa Lambe (University of Oxford, UK)

11:00 | Invited speaker: Professor Miles Carroll (University of Oxford, UK)
Ebola virus: outbreaks, persistence & immunity!

11:25 – 11:55 | Flash talks

Identification of immunogenic epitopes of Chlamydia trachomatis as the causative agent of Trachoma via peptide microarrays
Dr Marc Botcherby, Shelford Scientific, UK

Using spatial biology to define lung tissue pathology following SARS-CoV-2 challenge in vaccinated, unvaccinated and re-challenged rhesus macaques
Cillian Gartlan, University of Oxford, UK

Dual Single Cell RNA transcriptomic Analysis Revealed Mucosal-associated Invariant T cells Mediated Protective Host Response during Influenza A Virus Infection
Professor Paul Klenerman, University of Oxford, UK

Interleukin-32 producing CD8+ memory T cells and Tregs define the IDO1 / PD-L1 niche in human cutaneous leishmaniasis skin lesions
Dr Nidhi S Dey, University of York, UK

Multiplex cytokine profiling of acute Melioidosis patients from Thailand
Priyanka Liz Abraham, University of Oxford, UK    

Effect of iron deficiency on iron transporter expression and mucosal immune development along the intestinal tract in piglets
Zeynep Hayilri, University of Reading, UK

11:55 | Invited speaker: Professor Calman MacLennan (University of Oxford & University of Birmingham, UK)
Talk title TBC

12:20 | GemPharmatech talk

12:30 | Lunch and posters

Session 3: Innate immunity and signalling

Chairs: Professor Irina Udalova (University of Oxford, UK) and Professor David Greaves (University of Oxford, UK)

13:35 | Invited speaker: Professor Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic (University of Oxford, UK)
Putting the brakes on inflammasome signalling

14:00 | Selected short talk: Dr Francesco Boccellato, (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford, UK) 
Inflammation promotes epithelial defence by stimulating the secretion of antimicrobial 
peptides in the mucus

14:10 | Selected short talk: Gabrielle R Chappell, (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, UK) 
Tissue-recruited inflammatory macrophages have enhanced NLRP3 inflammasome pathway 
activity in rheumatoid arthritis  

14:20 | Selected short talk: Xiawei Zhang, (NDM Experimental Medicine Division, University of Oxford, UK) 
MAIT cells protect against lung injury 

14:30 | Invited speaker: Professor Jan Rehwinkel (University of Oxford, UK)
MDA5 guards against infection by surveying cellular RNA homeostasis

14:55 | BSI and ECI announcements: Professor Mark Coles (University of Oxford, UK)

15:00 | The Peter Medawar Prize for Immunology and the Mark Asquith Memorial Award

15:10 | Presentation from The Peter Medawar Prize for Immunology winner

15:20 | Coffee break and posters

Session 4: Current and potential future impact of AI on immunotherapy

Chair/Moderator: Professor Hashem Koohy (MRC TIDU, MRC WIMM, University of Oxford, UK)

15:45 | Fireside chat with expert panel: 
Dr Calliope Dendrou (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, UK) 
Dan Hudson (University of Oxford and Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK) 
Dr Ferdousi Chowdhury (RGEA, Research Services, University of Oxford, UK) 

16:45-18:00 | Drinks, networking and posters

18:00 | Event close


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