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Stromal-immune cell interactions in health and disease

BSI event
Human skin cells
Southampton, UK
In person
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Interactions between stromal cells and leukocytes affect outcomes in multiple diseases. The BSI Wessex Immunology Group’s annual one-day meeting will explore how communication within the stromal-immune network regulates immunity in diverse sites including the lymph nodes, mucosal tissues, in tumours and in the brain. Expert speakers include Professor Jonathan Cavanagh (University of Glasgow), Dr Alice Denton (Imperial College London), Dr Laura Pallett (University College London) and Ben Jenkins (University of Southampton). Delegates are invited to submit abstracts for posters and invited talks; we look forward to meeting with you at Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road, Southampton in May 2024.

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10:00 | Registration and refreshments

10:30 | Welcome address

Chair: Dr Chris Hanley (University of Southampton, UK) 

10:35 | Invited speaker: Professor Jonathan Cavanagh (University of Glasgow, UK) 
Peripheral-brain immune interactions in the pathophysiology of depression

11:05 | Selected short talk: Dr Jessica Anania (University of Southampton, UK)
A role for complement receptors 1 and 2 in follicular dendritic cell organization in germinal centres

11:20 | Selected short talk: Weronika Biala (University of Southampton, UK)
Generation of CD33 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells for acute 
myeloid leukaemia (AML) immunotherapy

11:35 | Selected short talk: Josephine Buckingham (University of Southampton, UK)
Targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts in head and neck cancer through MAGED4B vaccination 

11:50 | Invited speaker: Dr Alice Denton (Imperial College London, UK)
Understanding the stromal-immune cell axis in vaccine responses

12:20 | Sponsored talk: Liz van der Merwe (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK)
Revolutionizing flow cytometry research   

12:30 | Lunch, posters and meet the exhibitors

Chair: Professor Salim Khakoo (University of Southampton, UK) 

14:00 | Invited speaker: Ben Jenkins (University of Southampton, UK)
Single cell analysis reveals distinct inflammatory fibroblasts and immune hubs in tumours

14:30 | Selected short talk: Dr Victor Barozi (University of Southampton, UK)
Streamlining data exploration: HTML and Java Integration for interactive TB gene expression data analysis

14:45 | Selected short talk: Dr Julia Moreno-Vicente (CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK)
Immune modulation of the pre-metastatic niche in high-grade serous ovarian cancer via a stroma-Treg axis  

15:00 | Selected short talk: Rhianna Blyth (University of Southampton, UK)
Development of a 3D in vitro breast cancer organotypic model of obesity associated adipose inflammation

15:15 | Invited speaker: Dr Laura Pallett (University College London, UK) 
Life in the liver: A T cell perspective 

15:45 | Closing remarks and prizes

16:00 | Networking reception

17:00 | Close 


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