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Triggers of autoimmunity

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Helper T cells stimulate B cells and other immune cells
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Incidences of autoimmunity are increasing at rates that are too rapid to be attributable to genetic change. However, environmental triggers for disease development remain poorly understood.

This one-day virtual meeting, organised and hosted by the BSI Autoimmunity Affinity Group, will bring together key researchers from multiple career stages and disciplines to discuss environmental triggers that can influence autoimmune disease development, such as infection, age and microbiome. The programme will include insightful talks covering a broad range of autoimmunity topics.

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10:00 | Welcome and opening notices

10:15 | David Wraith, University of Birmingham, UK – Autoimmunity versus self-tolerance, a fine balance 

10:45 | Pia Leete, University of Exeter, UK – Endotypes and triggers in type 1 diabetes

11:15 | Short talk: Elizabeth Rosser, University College London, UK – Heightened extrafollicular B cell responses influenced by oxysterol and sex hormone availability contribute to female-biased autoimmunity

11:25 | Short talk: Aoife M O'Byrne, Amsterdam University Medical School, Netherlands – Human lymph node stromal cells maintain FOXP3+ regulatory T cells in a HLA-DR dependent manner

11:35 | Coffee/tea break


12:00 | Claudia Mauri, University College London, UK – Gut barrier integrity and arthritis

12:30 | Simon Milling, University of Glasgow, UK – Do changes in the intestine contribute to hair loss in autoimmune Alopecia Areata?

13:00 | Lunch break


14:00 | Ignacio Sanz, Emory, USA – Environmental influences on DN B cells in the context of SLE

14:30 | Short talk: Lucia Montorsi, Kings College London, UK – DNASE1L3 at the forefront of intestinal mucosal immunity

14:40 | Short talk: Gary Reynolds, Newcastle University, UK – Checkpoint inhibitor-associated inflammatory arthritis is comprised of multiple clinical endotypes characterized by distinct transcriptional programs

14:50 | Coffee/tea break


15:15 | Dana Orange, Rockefeller, USA – Oral mucosal breaks as a trigger for Rheumatoid Arthritis

15:45 | Marianna Cortese, Harvard, USA – EBV and Multiple Sclerosis

16:15 | Meeting closes 


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