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Understanding immune checkpoint blockade therapy: a pillar of modern cancer treatment

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Illustration of a cancer cell being targeted, representing the concept of cancer immunotherapy
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*This course is now closed for bookings*

Checkpoint blockade immunotherapy has marked a turning point in the fight against cancer. It has not only transformed scientific thinking of how our bodies can respond to cancer but has also shown us that it can be possible to tackle cancers we previously viewed as untreatable. 

In this course you can discover how checkpoint blockade has unlocked the potential of the immune system in the treatment of cancer. This online training course has been developed by a team of academics and clinicians who will guide you through this intricate subject and provide an up-to-date view into immune checkpoint blockade therapy.

High-quality content curated by experts in the topic, featuring interviews with clinicians and patients, will take you from the basic science principles to the impact in the clinic and for patients. 

By enrolling on this course, you will transform your understanding of modern cancer treatment and open the door to:

  • Productive conversations – with a stronger grasp of the current state of cancer immunotherapy, you’ll be able to confidently engage with patients, colleagues or clients.
  • Informed decision-making – detailed knowledge of how these therapies work will empower you to determine the best option, whether that’s around cancer treatment choices or your next career challenge.
  • Enhanced interactions – your new awareness of key cancer immunology concepts will ensure you can make the most of potential collaborations and funding opportunities. 
  • Broadened horizons – bring your knowledge up to date with the latest in cancer immunotherapy and equip yourself for the future.

What will I learn?

With a focus on melanoma, lung and colorectal cancers, you will hear directly from clinicians about the impact of immune checkpoint blockade therapy, as well as from patients on their personal experience of this treatment.

The course will cover a range of areas, including:

  • The impact for these therapies in the clinic across different cancer types.
  • The science underpinning therapeutic responses.
  • The challenges in implementation from both a clinical and scientific perspective (e.g., biomarkers, immune-related toxicity, and lack of responses for some cancers and patient groups).
  • Future developments to optimise current approaches.

Through self-paced e-learning and various interactive elements, such as online discussions with leading immunologists and medical oncologists, you will get a chance to actively participate in real time and gain specialist knowledge in the area.

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The last booking date for the course is 15 January 2024. The course will then be open from 24 January until 17 March 2024, with a live Q&A session on 26 February 2024. Book your place to be at the forefront of cancer treatment advancements and contribute to this rapidly evolving field.

This course has been developed and is delivered by the University of Birmingham.

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