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Webinar: Pioneering organoids and 3D cell cultures for animal and human health

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Neutrophils in blood smear
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About this webinar

Organoids and 3D cell cultures are a fascinating area of research, with the aim of developing in vitro systems recapitulating in vivo biological processes. Recent years have seen substantial progress, with the development of organoids for different tissues and across species. They show promise to replace and reduce animal use for research, an area with substantial societal impact. This webinar will highlight latest findings by talks from invited speakers and abstracts, covering different culture systems and species.

The webinar is organised by the BSI Comparative and Veterinary Immunology Affinity Group (CVIG), with support from The Pirbright Institute.

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10:00 | Opening remarks - Dr Wilhelm Gerner (Chair of CVIG, The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Session 1

Chair:  Dr Tom McNeilly (Moredun Research Institute, UK)   

10:05 | Invited speaker: Dr Adithya Sridhar (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands)
A perspective on human organotypic models for human viruses

10:35 | Invited speaker: Dr Kate Sutton (The Roslin Institute, UK)
Apical-out chicken enteroids with lamina propria leukocytes as a model to study 
virulence of low pathogenic avian influenza viruses

11:05 | Break

11:15| Invited speaker: Dr David Smith (Moredun Research Institute, UK)
Helminths, hyper immunity, and organoids

11:45| Invited speaker: Dr Dirk Werling (Royal Veterinary College London, UK)
Are organ platforms the way forward for discovery research in large animals?

12:15 | Lunch break

Session 2

13:15 | Industry talk: Dr Roxana Micsik (STEMCELL)
Intestinal organoids as a model for therapeutic development

13:30 | Selected abstract: Maria Fransiska Pudjohartono (University of Oxford, UK)
Tonsil organoids reveal that plasmacytoid dendritic cells modulate the humoral 
immune response to ChAdOx1 nCoV-19

13:40 | Selected abstract: Dr Fabienne Archer (IVPC UNIV-LYON1 - INRAE – EPHE, France)
New physiological and predictive in vitro models for a better understanding of host-pathogen 
interactions and improved control of respiratory infections

13:50 | Selected abstract: Dr Liku B Tezera (University of Southampton, UK)
A 3D biomimetic cell culture model for studying human TB

14:00 | Selected abstract: Nina Johannesson (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands)
Functional evaluation of processed human milk using human intestinal enteroids

14:10 | Selected abstract: Dr Katie Hildersley (Moredun Research Institute, UK)
Characterising the ovine small intestine Tuft cell response using 3D organoid cultures

14:20 | Selected abstract: Professor Lonneke Vervelde (Royal GD Animal Health/Roslin Institute, UK)
Chicken enteroids: a novel method to measure effects of feed additives on intestinal health

14:30 | Break

14:35 | Panel discussion with invited speakers: Chair Wilhelm Gerner

14:55 | Closing remarks: Dr Kate Sutton (The Roslin Institute, UK)

15:00 | Meeting close


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