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BSI committee elections 2023

Elections for positions on the British Society for Immunology committees are now open! Thank you to all that put forward nominations. Voting is quick and easy and will be open from Wednesday 12 April to Friday 5 May. 

Your vote really does count. Your elected representatives will make numerous decisions on your behalf, such as fees for membership and Congress registration; which issues the BSI focuses on in our policy work; how best to provide career support to immunologists; and many more areas, so engaging with the elections genuinely does make a difference.

Positions up for election

Why you should vote

Five positions are open for elections:

BSI Board of Trustee 

  • 3 General Trustees

BSI Member Representative Forum 

  • Early Career Representative
  • Industry Representative 

The voting period will close at 17:00 BST on Friday 5 May 2023.

The BSI Congress Committee vacancies are elected by the CEO and Congress Secretary to complement the existing expertise on the committee and the PhD Representative will be appointed uncontested. All the successful candidates will be announced along with the voting results on Friday 12 May 2023.

How to vote

To register your votes in this election, all eligible BSI members* will receive an email on 12 April from Civica Election Services, an independent provider who ensure our elections are run to the highest standards. This email contained a personalised security code through which you can find out more about the candidates for each position and register your votes. Please look out for this email. Those who haven't voted by 25 April will also receive a follow-up email from Civica Election Services containing their personalised code. If you haven't received the voting email, please try the following:

  1. Make sure you've checked the correct inbox – the address used is the one provided for regular BSI membership communications
  2. Check your junk folder and mark as safe
  3. If you still can't find the email, contact Kajal Tanna at to receive another voting link

The voting period closes at 17:00 BST on Friday 5 May and you can vote anytime until then with the link provided in the email. If you are not yet a BSI member, you can join the organisation by visiting our membership pages. You will be eligible to vote in the election if you become a member by Tuesday 25 April 2023

What happens next?

The final results of the elections will be announced on Friday 12 May

*Voting rights are open to all paid categories of membership and honorary members. Please note, this excludes undergraduate members who do not have to pay a membership fee and low-income economy overseas who have a 100% discount on their membership fee.