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BSI committee nominations 2024

Graphic of diverse group of people communicating and collaborating

The 2024 BSI committee nominations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has put themselves forward for a position. Voting will open on Monday 18 March 2024. 

Positions available 


  • Early Career Trustee (starts July 2024)
  • Industry Trustee (starts January 2025)

Secretary and Trustee

  • Clinical Research Secretary (starts January 2025)


  • Careers & Education Secretary (starts July 2024)
  • Groups Secretary (starts January 2025)
  • Congress Secretary (starts January 2026 but will act as Congress Secretary-Elect from July 2024)

Member Representative Forum (non-Trustees)

  • Early Career Representative (starts July 2024) 
  • PhD Representative (starts July 2024)
  • Northern Ireland Representative (starts July 2024)
  • Clinical Representative (starts July 2024)

Congress Committee – these roles are open for nominations and the positions will be appointed by the BSI CEO and the Congress Secretary to complement the existing expertise on the Committee:

  • 4 General Members (start January 2025) 

 BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) Steering Group – the roles listed below are only open to BSI-CIPN members:

  • Conference Programme Lead (starts July 2024)
  • Healthcare Scientist Representative (starts July 2024)
  • Patient Group Liaison Representative (starts July 2024)

The BSI-CIPN is our professional network that provides a strong voice for clinical immunology. BSI-CIPN membership is open to professionals and trainees working in clinical immunology, with applications subject to approval from the BSI-CIPN Steering Group. You must be a BSI member to join the BSI-CIPN but there is no additional cost to your membership. You can find out more here.

You can find out more about BSI committees here

This year's election process will again be run by Civica Election Services (CES) to ensure a robust, independent process via a specialist portal. In this portal, you can view more information about the election process, read job descriptions up for nomination and submit your nomination. 

Why should you stand for election?

Joining a committee offers you exciting opportunities beyond your day job including contributing to a community of like-minded people to make a real difference to immunology in the UK and developing your personal and professional skills. 

In line with our Diversity & Inclusion framework, we encourage nominations from BSI members* that reflect the diversity of our community. To ensure we continue fostering a culture within immunology that ensures fair treatment and opportunity for all, we particularly welcome nominees from underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds. 

For most positions, you don't need to have previous experience of sitting on a committee, but you do need lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved to help formulate our activities and policies. 

Hear from some of our current and past BSI committee members on their experience:

Professor Tracy Hussell      
BSI President, BSI Board of Trustees
“Being part of a BSI committee is a great way to shape the future of British immunology, influencing policy, education and research, with an exciting and vibrant team."

Dr Edith M Hessel  
Trustee, BSI Board of Trustees      
“Being an Industry Trustee for the BSI is not only an enriching experience, but one can truly influence the way in which we, as an immunology community, collaborate and communicate across industry and academia and support immunological research no matter where it is being performed.”

Dr Donald Palmer
Careers & Education Secretary, BSI Secretary
“Being the BSI Careers & Education Secretary is an immensely rewarding activity because it represents core areas of the Society's vision. I have had the opportunity to engage with many different BSI members and help shape the future of the Society and immunology in the UK. I have been a BSI member for a number of years and to be able to give back in this capacity is a privilege.”

Dr Margarita Dominguez-Villar
Member, BSI Congress Committee
“Being on the BSI Congress Committee has been a fantastic experience that has allowed me to contribute to shaping the content of the annual meeting, meet new colleagues and learn in detail how a big conference is organised.”

Lauren Campbell      
PhD Representative, BSI Member Representative Forum       
“Being a PhD representative has enabled me to meet fellow immunologists from across the sectors, people I would never have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise. This has helped me not only gain insight and influence from my current position but also helped me envision where my career will head in the future.” 

Dr Tomaz Garcez
Clinical Representative, BSI Member Representative Forum       
“Being a Clinical Representative on the BSI Member Representative Forum has given me great insight into the process of idea generation that happens at the core of the BSI.”

Dr Edoardo Prediletto
Early Career Representative, BSI Member Representative Forum  
"As an Early Career Representative navigating through the post-COVID landscape, it has been both an honour and a responsibility to provide guidance and support to fellow young researchers. Additionally, being granted the opportunity to participate in the Parliamentary Links Day, where important decisions were made, underscored the significance of our roles in shaping the future of immunology and healthcare. Being part of a BSI committee has enriched my professional development, broadened my perspectives, and strengthened my sense of community within the field. I have gained so much from this experience that I would do it all over again."

Dr Faith Uwadiae      
Former Early Career Representative, BSI Member Representative Forum       
“Being a member of the BSI Forum has given me the opportunity to voice my opinions about issues that I care deeply about, and watch these thoughts being actioned into tangible changes that benefit the Society, the membership and the whole immunology community.  As a Forum member I have also learnt so much about how and why decisions are made which I have found fascinating.”

Dr John S Tregoning      
Former General Member, BSI Congress Committee      
“I’ve really enjoyed being on the Congress Committee. The work burden is relatively light (and you get a free lunch at least once a year). More importantly, you get to shape the most important event of the year – the BSI Congress. Also, a great opportunity to network and meet your favourite immunologist in person!”

Dr Kimberly Gilmour
Healthcare Scientist Representative, BSI-CIPN Steering Group 
"Serving on the BSI-CIPN Steering Group has enabled me to work with an amazing range of doctors, scientists, nurses and pharmacists to enable advances in clinical immunology and to advocate for patients as well as ensuring that healthcare science interests are raised. It’s a wonderful way to expand the influence of healthcare scientists in immunology."


If you're considering standing for one of the positions available, ask yourself:

  1. Are you committed to immunology and to the Society and want to help shape our future?
  2. Are you willing to speak your mind and contribute to the voice of immunology?
  3. Do you want to get more involved and use your skills and experience to make a difference?
  4. Are you happy giving your time, thoughts and energy to represent your fellow members?
  5. Can you work collaboratively to support the BSI and promote equal opportunities in immunology? 

How to nominate yourself

If you're interested in running for election for one of the positions available this year, the nomination process is straightforward. Head to the nominations portal operated by Civica Election Services and complete your nomination form with a short personal statement detailing why you are suited to the role along with a short paragraph about yourself.

For all roles, you must be a current member of the BSI and you must name two BSI members as supporters on your application. For the roles on the BSI-CIPN Steering Group, you and your named supporters must also be members of the BSI-CIPN. 

If you’re not currently a BSI or BSI-CIPN member, you must sign up for membership by Friday 23 February to be eligible to stand for one of the positions available.

If you have any questions or need support with your nomination, please contact Catherine La Ferla at

What happens next?

The nomination data will be collated and, for most roles, if more than one person has stood for the role, it will then go to elections, which will open on Monday 18 March and close on Tuesday 16 April. This excludes the Congress Committee General Member vacancies which are not voted for but instead appointed by the BSI CEO and the Congress Secretary to complement the existing expertise on the Committee.

If you're not currently a BSI or BSI-CIPN member, you must apply for membership by Tuesday 12 March to be eligible to vote in the elections. As with nominations, BSI-CIPN Steering Group positions are only open for voting to BSI-CIPN members. 

The final results will be announced in early May. Stay up to date by following us on social media

*You must be a current member of the British Society for Immunology to be eligible to put your name forward for nomination and/or vote in the elections, and a BSI-CIPN member for the BSI-CIPN Steering Group positions. Nomination and voting rights are open to all paid categories of membership and honorary members. Please note, this excludes undergraduate members who do not have to pay a membership fee and low-income economy overseas who have a 100% discount on their membership fee.