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BSI Congress 2023 prize winners

A number of prizes have been awarded to early career researchers and PhD students in our Bright Sparks in Immunology session at BSI Congress.

Bright Sparks in Immunology winners 2023
Bright Sparks in Immunology awardees 2023

Bright Sparks in Immunology

Congratulations to the winners of our Bright Sparks sessions at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2023. This event aims to showcase the work of early career researchers as well as providing them with valuable experience talking about their work in front of a large audience. The 2023 winners are:

PhD category

Postdoc category

Poster prizes

Congratulations to the winners of the BSI Congress 2023 poster prizes, whose work was selected from 600 posters presented at the conference.

The BSI journals

The BSI's official journals Clinical & Experimental Immunology, Immunotherapy Advances and Discovery Immunology were proud to sponsor 4 poster prizes. On behalf of all the editors, we extend our congratulations to the following winners:

Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies

We would also like to thank the Federation of Clinical Immunological Societies (FOCIS) for kindly sponsoring one of our poster prizes. Together with FOCIS, we congratulate:

DMM logo

Lastly, we would like to thank Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) an official journal of The Company of Biologists for kindly sponsoring one of our poster prizes. 

Together with DMM, we congratulate: