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BSI response to UK rejoining Horizon Europe research programme

Science research and development funding

Today, the UK has rejoined Horizon Europe, the world's largest research collaboration programme, under a new bespoke agreement with the EU. In response, the British Society for Immunology has released the following statement.

Dr Doug Brown, Chief Executive of the British Society for Immunology, said:

"The British Society for Immunology welcomes the announcement that the UK is to associate to the EU’s Horizon Europe R&D funding programme; this is excellent news for UK science as a whole. Horizon Europe is the largest research and innovation programme in the world, with a budget of €95.5 billion which UK immunologists will now have access to, helping them to carry out their research and make new discoveries in both basic and translational research.

"Horizon Europe brings together researchers from across Europe and beyond and association will afford UK immunologists the opportunity to work together with leading experts in the field from different countries and disciplines, as well as the chance to develop their skills and knowledge while sharing ideas and building collaborations. The prestige of Horizon Europe grants will also provide a boon to the reputation of UK science and maintain the UK’s global leadership and in research."

You can read the full government announcement here