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New BSI journal: Discovery Immunology

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We’re delighted to present Discovery Immunology, our fully Open Access journal for new discoveries in cellular and molecular immunology. The journal is edited by Professor Simon Milling from the University of Glasgow. Read on to find out more about the journal’s scope, mission and world-leading editorial team.

Scope and mission

Discovery Immunology is our first broad-scope Open Access journal aiming to publish high-quality articles describing novel mechanisms controlling the immune response. While these will often describe basic aspects of cellular or molecular immunology, we also welcome articles describing discovery science with relevance to infection biology, inflammation or immune-mediated pathogenesis. Our aim is for Discovery Immunology to become an invaluable resource to the immunology community, providing readers with trusted new insights into the workings of the immune system.

Meet the editorial team

Discovery Immunology is led by Founding Editor-in-Chief Professor Simon Milling with the support of a prestigious team of Senior Editors and a growing Editorial Board from academia and industry.


Professor Simon Milling


University of Glasgow, UK

Keywords: immunology of the intestine, dendritic cells, models of infection, inflammatory disease

Professor Awen Gallimore


Professor Awen Gallimore

Cardiff University, UK

Keywords: cancer, cancer-antigens, regulatory T cells, immune-modulation

Dr Florent Ginhoux

Dr Florent Ginhoux

Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), A*STAR, Singapore

Keywords: ontogeny, development, differentiation, dendritic cell, monocyte, macrophage

Dr Emily Gwyer Findlay

Dr Emily Gwyer Findlay

University of Edinburgh, UK

Keywords: neutrophils, inflammatory diseases, T cells, innate–adaptive interactions

Kathy McCoy

Professor Kathleen McCoy

University of Calgary, Canada

Keywords: microbiome, mucosal immunology, innate immunity, B cells, allergy

Professor Francisco J Quintana

Professor Francisco J Quintana

Harvard Medical School, USA

Keywords: immune regulation, T cells, dendritic cells, astrocytes, autoimmunity

Dr Meera Ramanujam

Dr Meera Ramanujam

Aro Biotherapeutics, Pennsylvania, USA

Keywords: autoimmunity-RA, SLE, SLE/LN, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases

The BSI family of journals

Discovery Immunology is the latest addition to the BSI family of journals published in partnership with Oxford University Press and is supported by the in-house publishing team at the BSI, dedicated to delivering excellent author service. Our new launch joins Clinical & Experimental Immunology, our established journal founded in 1966, and Immunotherapy Advances, our first fully Open Access journal launched in 2020. In launching our latest Open Access journal, we’re ensuring that the BSI publishing portfolio extends across the full spectrum of immunology research to offer a home for papers from the widest range of immunologists, while strengthening our platform to foster innovation for the benefit of society.

The scopes of the three BSI journals have been developed through close and collaborative communication between their Editors-in-Chief to offer a home for papers from the widest range of immunologists, from those performing fundamental basic research, through more translational work, to studies of potential therapeutics and human clinical trials.

Professor Simon Milling, Discovery Immunology Editor-in-Chief

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Professor Simon Milling

Discover Immunology Journal Cover

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Professor Tim Elliott

Immunotherapy Advances

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Professor Leonie Taams

Clinical and Experimental Journal Cover

Are you making the most of your Society’s journals?

  • Excellent author service – Enjoy rapid turnaround times (average of less than 22 days to first decision) expedited by the BSI’s dedicated editorial office

  • Publishing discounts – BSI members can publish in our Open Access journals Discovery Immunology and Immunotherapy Advances at a discounted fee of £1,680, and we also offer a 30% discount on Open Access charges in our hybrid journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology

  • Promoting your article – The BSI’s dedicated marketing team are experts at helping you market your research

  • Special Collections – Contribute to one of the many ongoing Special Collections on hot topics in immunology

  • Help us help you – We’re always looking for new ideas on how to better serve the immunology community, please send your thoughts and feedback to us at

Discovery Immunology is open for submissions! We’d like to encourage BSI members to support your Society’s first broad-scope Open Access journal and submit your work to Discovery Immunology.

We are keen to receive submissions from researchers working across the spectrum of immunology, including those in industry or pharmaceutical settings, where immunological mechanisms are increasingly investigated to underpin the development of novel therapeutics.

Dr Meera Ramanujam, Discovery Immunology Senior Editor

Find out more

To find out more about the Society’s official journals, Discovery ImmunologyImmunotherapy Advances and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, please visit the journals section of our website.

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