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Better methods, better research new investigator: Jun 2023

Apply for funding to:

  • improve the methods used by others in biomedical and health research
  • take the next step towards becoming an independent principal investigator

You must

  • focus your project on an area within MRC or NIHR remit
  • be a researcher who will be employed by an eligible research organisation (this includes MRC units and centres)
  • have research organisation support
  • have the appropriate skills and experience for this award
  • You are not eligible if you are already considered an independent researcher.

Your project can be up to £625,000 (100% full economic cost). MRC and NIHR will usually fund up to 80% of your project’s full economic cost.

Projects typically have a duration from 18 to 36 months.

Who is eligible to apply

To be eligible to apply for this funding opportunity you must:

  • have research organisation support
  • be able to show that your skills and experience match those in the ‘transition to independence’ stage of the MRC applicant skills and experience table, such as showing evidence of career progress and clear plans to develop your own research niche
  • provide a clear rationale of why this grant will best support your long-term career goals and chosen career route
  • be the sole intellectual leader of the proposed project, although we will allow co-investigators when they bring expertise to the project that is outside the applicant’s field
  • focus your application on biomedical and health research methods

You are also eligible to apply if you:

  • are employed as a postdoctoral research assistant, but this grant cannot start until your current work finishes
  • hold a lecturer appointment, a junior fellowship or another research staff position
  • hold, or have held, an early career training fellowship such as an MRC skills development fellowship
  • do not have a contract with your chosen host institution
  • are not currently based at the eligible research organisation, that has agreed to host your new investigator award are either a non-clinical or clinically active researcher

You do not need any postdoctoral experience to be eligible to apply.