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BSI Infection and Immunity Group

The remit of the BSI Infection and Immunity (I&I) Group is the study of immunity related to microbial disease. In this context, the I&I group is interested in the following areas:

  • Microbial pathogenicity
  • Host response to infection
  • Mechanisms of protection against microbial infection
  • Correlates of protection/biomarkers  and surrogate markers of clinical efficacy
  • Model which further our understanding of pathogenesis and host response to infection
  • The research and development of vaccines and immuno-therapies for microbial diseases

The I&I group is keen to attract members who are enthusiastic about these areas of research. The objectives of the group are to be a focus within the BSI for information relating to these areas, to organise meetings addressing these topics and to provide a forum for discussion between researchers addressing these topics. The I&I group has also organised joint meetings with other groups, most recently the BSI Vaccine Affinity Group and has been privileged to organise sessions at Congress in previous years. 

We would be pleased to hear from you, if you are interested in joining the group and participating in these activities.  


Dr Diane Williamson

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Professor Eric Blair

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Dr Mark Travis 

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