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BSI Edinburgh Immunology Group

The BSI Edinburgh Immunology Group provides a forum for scientists in the Edinburgh area with interests in immunology. We organise seminars on topics of current immunological interest and circulate information on local research and jobs in immunology.

We meet every other week during academic terms for seminars given by leading research immunologists and informal discussions over wine. In addition to our seminar series, we organise Local Fora and mini symposia.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in immunology, and new members are always welcome. Anyone wishing to join our group (and email list) and come along to any of the seminars should contact Wouter T'Jonck. Group members receive email notification of the Group's meetings and other relevant local seminars and news.

Activities of the Group are organised by a committee made up of representatives from various sites at the universities, hospitals and research institutes in the Edinburgh area. If you have any suggestions for future activities please contact the Secretary, Matthew Burgess or a member of the committee.

Edinburgh immunology students and junior post-docs have their own forum, dubbed 'The Metchnikoff Club', where they can meet the guest speakers of the Edinburgh Immunology Group informally before the seminar.


Ananda Mirchandani
Wouter T'Jonck

Matthew Burgess
Tovah Shaw

Sean Wattagedera