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PPI training: involving patients and the public in your research

We recognise the importance of training researchers to involve patients and the public meaningfully in their research. Our co-produced specialist patient and public involvement (PPI) training, which we develop and deliver in partnership with public contributors and tailor to individual projects, provides practical tools and role-models inclusive approaches needed to enable effective outcomes when involving patients and the public in the entire research cycle.

How does the training work?

Co-production is a core value of the course; we collaborate with people with lived experience and researchers to identify gaps in knowledge to improve practical PPI skills as well as focus on reflexive practice. The public and patient contributors and researchers also join the delivery, to support peer-to-peer learning through sharing experiences.

We piloted the PPI training course while working with the National Core Studies Immunity programme, which you can read more about in this blog.

Topics covered include:

  • How to reach the people most affected by the research
  • How to involve people with lived experience in funding applications
  • Administrating and coordinating involvement
  • Relationship building and communication
  • Promoting inclusive and equitable involvement

Outcomes and impacts

Participants of the pilot reported their confidence in all aspects of PPI increased after attending the course. Before the training, 48% of participants were not confident in building rapport and relationships with public contributors but after completing the course, 92% of participants reported feeling confident and very confident. Notably, 93% of attendees finished the course feeling confident in giving value to patient and public contributors, compared with 9% before the training.

Researchers reported enjoying the helpful insights and advice from the experienced patient and public contributors as well as hearing useful case studies from their colleagues. Participants appreciated the safe space for questions and discussions around meaningful involvement.

Find out more

If you’re interested in working with us to train researchers on PPI, for further information or any questions about this training course, please contact Jennie Evans, BSI Director of External Affairs at

The British Society for Immunology recognises that PPI is vital to enable immunology to thrive and we support our members and wider immunology community to embed PPI in their activities to improve the effectiveness, quality and impact of research. Meaningfully involving people with lived experience in the work we carry out helps lead towards our vision of better health outcomes for all. Find out more about our PPI successes and impact.