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We offer valuable training courses for current and future generations of immunologists to build essential skills and advance in their career.

If you have any questions, or have an idea for a future training course from the BSI, please get in touch with us at

In collaboration with the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core, we offer a comprehensive training programme to equip wet-lab immunologists, biologists and other life scientists with the skills and confidence to perform their own bioinformatic data analysis, from our popular introductory course for complete beginners to more advanced topics.


Developed and delivered by the BSI, this training programme offers case-based learning delivered live online for anyone either working directly with patients and keen to understand the science behind immunotherapies, or who has limited contact with patients but would like to understand the clinical application of these therapies better.

In partnership with the Association of Clinical Pathologists, we run training days aimed at medical trainees in immunology and allergy and immunology clinical scientists.

In partnership with organisations that support local communities and health care workers, we run training to increase knowledge and confidence in having effective conversations around vaccination.

We co-produce specialist patient and public involvement (PPI) training, which we tailor to individual projects, to provide practical tools and approaches needed to enable effective outcomes when involving patients and the public in the entire research cycle.

Developed and delivered by the University of Birmingham, this self-paced online training course provides a basic understanding of immune checkpoint blockade therapies to a range of audiences.