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Activities and resources

A collection of free interactive resources and educational tools about the immunology of cancer and immunotherapy.

Find out how antibodies and viruses interact with our immune system and make and an origami antibody and virus. 

Connect number of resources around allergies and asthma, including a number of activites.

Find out more about those disgusting things called bogies. 

A range of practical activities and educational resources to provide information about vaccines. 

Discover the science of ageing and potential of healthy ageing research.

The BSI has malaria-related educational resources.

Free downloadable illustrations for everyone to use for their science communication needs.

Discover the different cells of the immune system. Available in 20 languages.

Two-part video series describing the role of immune cells in inflammation and how inflammation is resolved. 

Citizen science project that aims to engage the UK to discover what the triggers for seasonal allergies are.

A range of interactive content for all ages.