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Every cell is an immune cell: early drivers of immune responses

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Immune cells with purple proteins attached
Loughborough, UK
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This meeting celebrates unconventional immune cells and influence of the stroma and microenvironment on the development and regulation of immune responses. Sessions will focus on stromal and environmental control of early immune responses during infection, cancer and in health. 

This event is hosted by the BSI Midlands Immunology Group as its annual symposium and will take place at Holywell Park Conference Centre, Holywell Way, Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park, Loughborough, LE11 3GR. 

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09:00 | Registration and refreshments

10:00 | Welcome 

Session 1: Epithelial and endothelial immunity in health and cancer

Chairs: Professor Lucy Fairclough (University of Nottingham, UK) and Dr Scott Davies (University of Birmingham, UK)

10:05 | Invited speaker: Dr Kendle Maslowski (CRUK Scotland, UK) 
Salmonella camping out: is intracellular invasion necessary for bacterial cancer therapy?

10:35 | Selected short talk: Dr George Finney (University College London, UK)
Activated hepatic fibroblasts promote the retention and functional impairment of tissue-resident 
CD8+T-cells in the human liver

10:45 | Selected short talk: George Smith (University of Warwick, UK)
Pulsatile activation of CAR-T cells enhances IL-9 release independent of exposure to 
Th9 polarizing cytokines

10:55 | Invited speaker: Professor Shishir Shetty (University of Birmingham, UK)
Exploring the role of liver endothelium in regulating the immune microenvironment of hepatic senescence

11:15 | Refreshment break

Session 2: Mucosal and barrier immunity

Chairs: Dr Adam Wright (University of Leicester, UK) and Dr Naomi Martin (University of Nottingham, UK)

11:50 | Invited speaker: Dr Vassilis Pachnis (Francis Crick Institute, UK)
Enteric glial cells: from neurogenic past to immunoregulatory present

12:20 | Selected short talk: Dr Daniel Arsovski (University of Warwick, UK)
Intestinal helminth and latent tuberculosis co-infection drives cytotoxic effector Vδ1+ T cells with 
shared T cell receptor repertoires

12:30 | Selected short talk: Dr Michael Lewis (University of Warwick, UK)
Spatio-temporal analysis of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and host response dynamics in 
experimental models of digestive Chagas disease treatment

12:40 | Invited speaker: Dr Georgina Hopkins (University of Nottingham, UK)
A 3D in vitro human airway epithelium model: the influence of real-life exposure levels of enzymes on the epithelial barrier

13:00 | Sponsor talk: Morgan Blaylock (BD, UK)
BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter - See what you sort, sort what you see

13:15 | Lunch, posters and meet the exhibitors

Session 3: Microbial interactions with unconventional immune cells

Chairs: Dr Ewan Ross (Aston University, UK) and Dr Martin Davey (University of Warwick, UK)

14:30 | Invited speaker: Professor Julian Naglik (King’s College London, UK)
Activation of oral immune responses by the fungal peptide toxin candidalysin

15:00 | Selected short talk: Dr Rachel Lamerton (University of Birmingham, UK)
Don’t forget about platelets! How antibodies can drive platelet responses to Salmonella 

15:10 | Selected short talk: Margherita Bertuzzi (University of Manchester, UK)
Alveolar epithelial cells internalise and clear Aspergillus fumigatus via Surfactant Protein D opsonisation

15:20 | Invited speaker: Dr Julie Rayes (University of Birmingham, UK) 
Platelets beyond haemostasis: immunomodulatory functions in sterile inflammation and infection

15:45 | Closing remarks and prizes

16:00 | Networking reception

17:00 | Close


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